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8 years ago#1


When Iam trying to install NFS Mostwanted iam getting an error message like "Installation can not continue Because You dont have latest Directx .And Get the latest version of Direct X from". But I have the latest DirectX installed in my system.. Could anybody help me in resolving the problem.

Thanks in advance.....


8 years ago#2
Go to the start menu and go to run. Type dxdiag in there and let me know what version it says. If its not 9.0c then its not the latest. You probably dont have a DX10 capable card.
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8 years ago#3
I am having the same problem when trying to install the Black edition of the game.

My dx version is 9.0c[4.09.0000.0904]

All games except this is installing fine and no problems.I tried to use the Direct x which came with the game still it gives the same message as for the TC.
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8 years ago#4
I had the same problem installing on XP x64. Got around it by copying the entire CD to a folder. You can now edit the file Autorun.cfg in the Autorun folder. There is a line for DirectX version set it = to 0. (instead of 9.0.c). Now you can install. Youll probably also need to find d3dx9_26.dll on the internets and put it in the install directory afterward.
8 years ago#5
Yeah i did that and it solved the problem ;-)
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