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#121S22RPosted 11/16/2009 5:19:05 AMmessage detail
I searched more than a couple of pages out of curiosity, I had the stupid disc back in the day and understood how it worked, I was simply curious if Ham's advice would still work.

I don't think the "damn updates" even exist on bungie.net anymore.

#122PappinAcePosted 11/16/2009 1:39:00 PMmessage detail
^Damn right. Halo PC lives on.

And the damn updates will never die! They'll always exist in spirit.

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#123S22RPosted 11/18/2009 12:18:51 AMmessage detail
do you still play Halo PC? I've got it, but haven't tried it in years. always had port, joining trouble. Used to play CE on XBC, but also haven't tried that for years
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I was just playing PC last night. You say you can't join servers? Does it do the five retries and then "unable to join game"?

I had a short stint of Halo on XBC, after we figured out Halo 2 sucks. It was difficult moving back to Halo PC because the netcode is horrible, and with XBC you can play with a good connection and not have to deal with ping. But then I had the revelation that ping actually adds skill to the game; the shot-leading widens the gap between pros and noobs. So I don't deal with XBC anymore.

Hey guys, I was just being funny. LilLeo is the one who defined my sperm as being meat. -Headmasterevil
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I haven't played the Halo PC in a long time!
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Parro if you're still here, you said this on the Legends board:

From: EL PARRo | #005
Yes, I think I've learned a few things about using the same password for just about everything and logging in through public wifi connections that I will apply to my current stint as a moderator.

What do you mean? Does logging in through several areas toss flags up?
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It's mainly just my own paranoia. Anyone can easily intercept my wifi signal and tell what I'm doing over a public wifi connection, and possibly hack the computer I'm using to get my username and password. Of course, the odds are extremely slim, but just to stay safe, I login to my main account only through secure connections.

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Wow that's crazy, I didn't know someone could have access to what you're doin or your files through wifi!

Thanks for this bit of information, although I don't use wifi except on my cell. - Still, good to be safe.
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Just to add a little on After they released this map pack before halo 2 Died they released 2 MORE MAPS YEHHH and they were cool to. to bad you cant get them anymore. lucky for me i downloaded them onto my Xbox years ago so i still have them.

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Pre: 4/15/2010:
There are two maps unavailable to the 360, correct?
Tombstone and something else?

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