Can you skip levels?

#1barlow2k5Posted 7/3/2009 9:56:45 AM
Hey everybody!

I was just playing this game again because of the sale on Steam, but I had a problem with my computer and had to wipe the hard drive. I had played through the first campaign and part of the second. Is there any way for me to skip those levels without having to play them again?


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#2sigma_1932Posted 7/4/2009 5:15:02 PM
Note 100% sure how steam works, but if you can enable cheats, you can use the @Win() cheat to skip through to where you were.

I'd also recommend using the cheat to add experience to your main carry-over characters before @Win()-ing each mission, even those from previous campaigns as some of them pop up in later campaigns.

More info on cheats here: