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5 years ago#1
Hi, i honestly have tried looking all over the net, but cant really find anything about homm5 on windows 7, specifically 64-bit in my case.
Not sure how active this board is, but ill put this topic on the other homm5 title boards just in case.

Does this game work on windows 7, 64-bit? I have all of the games, and now a new computer. I'd also rather not just go and install it and get BSOD, crashes etc... that's why i ask first :)
I would also of course play the fully patched version.

Thanks in advance!
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5 years ago#2

Lol good timing, I just recently started playing again myself on my new comp which is also Win7 64bit, and yes it runs just fine....only thing I was checking around for was optimization for the game, since even with my rig (12g ram, i7, ati 5870x2) it still comes to a crawl at times, especially after extended play. Normally restarting the game does the trick, but still annoying.

5 years ago#3
Awesome!! thankyou for that, its a great game and im glad i dont have to give it up for new OS hehe.
That's interesting about the slow-down, but if a restart fixes it, maybe it's a memory leak?
sounds kinda like supreme commander forged alliance, where the AI would open new threads with new units, but it wouldnt close them even if you killed those units, so after say an hour of play vs AI, it would slow down even the most powerful of computers.
Considering you have a very powerful computer, id say its something like that.
Well im glad i can install it, thankyou! :):):)
"I'm a warrior! Not a... variety of flower!" - Vegeta
5 years ago#4
Are you aware that 12 gb of ram is nothing but a waste of money?
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