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5 years ago#1
I'm currently on The Defence mission in campaign and read that getting Resurrection for Findan would be extremely useful for completing the game.

The first time around I wasn't able to learn the spell as I didn't have any mastery in Light Magic. I loaded my older saves and re-levelled Findan to get Expert Light Magic. This time, however, the mage guild keeps giving me Word of Light instead of Resurrection. Are the spells pre-determined at the start of the campaign? Or is there a way for me to randomize the spells that appear in mage guild level 5?
5 years ago#2
I'm not 100% sure on this, but IIRC they're determined at the beginning of the current mission. So if you're loading a save from a cutscene that occurred before your current mission actually started, you're just experiencing a bout of RNG hate.

If you're loading a save from earlier in the game where you originally got Ressurection, then I'm wrong and you're just getting a different kind of RNG hate.
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5 years ago#3
I am wondering what kind of spells each fraction is getting in their magic guild circles? For example, i suppose, necromancers will get mostly summoning and dark spells, dungeon destructive and dark, sylvan light... But I'm not sure of that. Does anyone knows how it works?
5 years ago#4
Haven: Light + Dark
Inferno: Dark + Destructive
Necro: Dark + Summoning
Dungeon: Destructive + Summoning
Sylvan: Light + Destructive
Academy: Light + Summoning
Fortress: Light + Destructive (?)
Stronghold: None (no mage guilds, and they get Shatter Magic/Warcries, and shamanic totems or some such for adventure mode spells instead).
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5 years ago#5
Thank you a lot. :)
5 years ago#6
Hi there, I was wondering how do Academy wizards like Maahir get access to Inferno level 4 and 5 spells like implosion, fireball and frenzy? Is it even possible? Cause I build a level 5 mage guild and all I got was level 5 adventure spells? Level 5 adventure spells like summon forces and town portal are cool but it would be great to get access to implosion and frenzy.
5 years ago#7
K, first off, make sure you check the other tabs on your mage guild screen, because, while you won't be offered Dark or Destructive spells in the default mage guild, you should've at least been offered a Light and Summoning spell for each of those levels (they'll always be one of each per level since Academy favors them),

As far as learning Dark and Destructive spells with Academy heroes, there's a number of options:

--Build the Library (Special Academy-town-only building), and the spells added to levels 4 and 5 of your mage guild should always be either dark or destructive.

--Capture other towns from factions that support Destructive or Dark magic then build up their mage guilds. For example, a Haven town will always offer Light and Dark spells in their mage guild.

--Defeating enemies at map features such as Mage Vaults (Vault of the Magi?), Pyramids, and Dragon Utopias will give you random high-level spells of any type (I've read they reset a month after being defeated, but I've never checked myself).

--level-3 shrines provide a random 3rd-level, which can be learned if you have the appropraite skill. (BTW, Fireball is a 3rd level spell).

--The Destructive Magic perk Secrets of Destruction (ToE only for Wizards) will automatically add a 3rd-level Destrucive Magic spell to your spellbook.

--The Sorcery perk Magic Insight will allow you to learn any 3rd-level spells regardless of your hero's magic skill.

--Finally, you can always work up to the Wizard Ultimate (Arcane Omniscience) and automatically gain all the spells in the game, and be able to cast them at Expert level regardless of the magic skills you actually have (note that perk effects will still count here if you took them through normal level-ups). The only exceptions here are Nur and Maahir in any version and Narxes in version 2.1 and earlier since their starting skills lock them out of the ultimate.
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5 years ago#8
^ Oh okay, I guess that is why Maahir did not pick up fireball,meteor shower, frenzy and implosion from the inferno town? I am asking this because I build a level 5 mage guild in an Inferno town which I controlled?

If I had known better then maybe I would have used some other random hero to spearhead my army in the custom map, Maahir picked up mostly light and dark buff and debuffs, the best attack spell I got was fist of wrath, ice bolt and decay even at level 23.

This game is quite confusing to me, I have been reading other forums and they mention things like getting other basic skills like Attack, defence, logistics, etc. But when I start of with Maahir, I did not recall getting option to get defence? Maybe I missed something, he kept leveling up knowledge which is okay to have a lot of mana, but would have been better if he were a bit more balanced in terms of attack, defence and knowledge.

What exactly is the "appropriate" skills for a wizard like Maahir to learn fireball, I think I might have chose something else? I was like so happy to see Fireball, Meteor shower and implosion, but to my dismay, Maahir could not learn it lol! Btw my version is 1.6 so I don't have access to TOE abilities.
5 years ago#9
K, magic isn't that hard to figure out if you don't make it more complicated than it is. :)

Any hero (outside of Barbarians from ToE who don't learn any magic) can learn 1st- and 2nd level spells regardless of skill. If you want to cast a spell that's 3rd-level and higher, then you need to take Magic skills (either from leveling-up or from Witch Huts) of the corresponding magic type. Basic skill will let you learn any 3rd-level spells of that type, Advanced allows 4th, and Expert allows 5th. In my previous post, I was explaining some exceptions to this general rule.

Maahir is only locked out of getting the Wizard ultimate(which gives access to all spells at expert level automatically and instantly regardless of skill level). He can still learn Destructive Magic spells, it's just that he just needs to take the Destructive Magic skill-- Basic level allows him to learn Fireball (3rd-level Destructive spell), Advanced allows Meteor Shower (4th-level Destructive spell), and Expert allows Implosion (5th-level Destructive spell).

Alternatively, if you want him to be able to learn Frenzy (4th-level Dark spell), he needs Advanced Dark Magic.

If you're not sure what skill you need for a particular spell, just look at the colored ring on the icon for the spell: Red = Destructive, Turquoise = Summoning, Purple = Dark, White = Light.
Outside of that, Attack and Defense can be slightly confusing for a new player since there's both primary attributes and secondary skills named Attack and Defense.

The four primary attributes (i.e. Attack, Defense, Spellpower, and Knowledge) are randomly selected at level up. These are weighted based on Faction-- some will get more Spellpower or Knowledge, some will get more Attack or Defense, etc. These are chosen automatically-- you don't get to pick. In the Maahir case, being a Wizard, he's weighted heavily towards Knowledge, then Spellpower, and then Attack and Defense lag behind.

The Attack and Defense secondary skills are chosen from randomly-offered skills you see at level up that you can choose from. These are also weighted by faction, and if the faction you're playing has a low chance of a particular skill being offered (like Attack and Defense are for Wizards at only 2% each), it can be very rare that you get offered it. Also, if you get to a point where you already have the max of 5 Secondary skills other than your racial skill, then you won't see anything except upgrades of the skills you have, or perks from those skills.
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5 years ago#10
^ ah okay, that makes sense now. Academy seems to plays quite differently from Haven, as I am still learning the game I am quite confused. Thanks Sigma, your tips are really cool!
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