"Money Casino", what's your highest win?

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User Info: nobattle

9 years ago#1
from the title, what's your highest win when winning the gambling?

I won 200000 or 200k when I got lucky having 2 x10 bonus and 3 cards with a 1k or 1000 in the medal pot.

User Info: piratesof

9 years ago#2
Well, that's the biggest you can ever get!

My biggest win is just 150k

User Info: nobattle

9 years ago#3

No I think the biggest is 800k.. because the play I got is only normal cards, I haven't putted III and XI cards that makes it quadruple the earnings if I won on the same conditions I stated on the first post:D

User Info: jakethemistake

9 years ago#4
so where is the casino and what is it?

User Info: CuteBlueBabyBea

9 years ago#5
the casino is at sabatar habour and my biggest win was 100k

User Info: Halteclere

9 years ago#6
No, the highest you can get is 800k. 2x bonus for the III card, another 2x for the XI card, 100x for two 10x bonuses, and the last 2x from a 3-card row.

I got a 150k once. Spent it ten seconds later on Volcano eggs. XD

User Info: llama555

9 years ago#7
Altogether my grandma got like 200m medals, it took her like 3 months to get that many.
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User Info: Weaponexpert

9 years ago#8
According to the FAQ the highest possible is 400k which i got it once.
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User Info: ShadowAngemon

9 years ago#9
I got the 200k a few times, 150k and 100k several times, and 20 and 15k more times than I care to count.

Then I got out my turbo controller and racked up a few million while I read. Tried using the III and XI cards for a while, but my net gain was slower. Total winnings was over 3.5 million with an initial purchase of 200 medals, betting 10 at a time, then 20, 50, 150, until I could steadily bet 1000 at a time. The odds over time are totally in the player's favor, unlike any other game's casino.
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User Info: Kolsonz

9 years ago#10
I've gotten 200k a few times and 400k a couple times. The highest possible is 800k, with 2 red cards and 2 x10 bonuses.
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