"Money Casino", what's your highest win?

#11CyberEarthPosted 1/8/2008 11:35:58 PM
I got the 200k a few times, 150k and 100k several times, and 20 and 15k more times than I care to count.

Then I got out my turbo controller and racked up a few million while I read. Tried using the III and XI cards for a while, but my net gain was slower. Total winnings was over 3.5 million with an initial purchase of 200 medals, betting 10 at a time, then 20, 50, 150, until I could steadily bet 1000 at a time. The odds over time are totally in the player's favor, unlike any other game's casino.

Odds are always in your favor, because you save/reload. In just about ANY game.
#12ShadowAngemonPosted 1/19/2008 5:03:31 AM
I never bothered to save and reload. At all.

I say the odds are in the player's favor because if you keep playing, you're rather likely to win more than you lose. I actually sat down and kept going until I could bet 1000 easily. I think I had won something like 50k by that time, which took maybe half an hour at most.

It doesn't take any tricks or exploits. Just play until you win. You keep playing, you keep winning.
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