Dungeons&Villages you like most in Grandia series .

#1inxaractPosted 3/16/2008 4:27:46 PM
Mine :

- Cyrum Kingdom : it is lively and beautiful . a city on the sea . colorful homes and interesting characters . I wish living in there .
- Ghoss Forest : Even trees , flowers , plants and mushrooms are colorful and alive other than animals .
- Nanan Village : I feel like I'm warped with freshness of nature and spring . cute place and tents . there is no capitalism : )
- Anfog Village : a small home over top tree and Miranda's house . Who don't want to live there and also that hot neighbors are something .
- Vejas Jungle : I'm lost in a forest like amazon on a just discovered planet to uncover some mystery ruins of unknown civilization .

Well , I like all of them . They are beautiful . I wish Game Arts make Grandia 4-5-6....