What lvl before the Sky City?

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8 years ago#1
Hey, I just got to the sky city and the first boss cleaned me out like dust. In other words I think I might be really low on level and i was wondering what would be the best lvl to be to continue the game. I have been leleving so I can beat the boss with ease, I am lvl 36 now with all characters. Anything that I should do at this part of the game? I got the heavenly sword and I killed the desert lord. K, I would love a quick awnser!
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8 years ago#4
The best level to be would actually be learning critical battle traits. Meaning

1) use the 'Evade' command to keep the 4 characters from getting bunched up. Allowing the boss to cast 'BOOMOR!' on more than one character (and sometimes both Melc Crystal B and C try to cast it in the same round) is just begging to get killed.

2) Try to Cancel attacks the boss can pull against the whole party. 'Megaspark' is just nasty, plus it cancels everyone that is between COM and ACT. I'd try to Cancel a 'BOOMOR!' that is going to hit more that one party member - check who is getting targeted by a boss' action, it's actually indicated by red blinking in the icons of your characters. 'Fiora' is something I try not to let the enemy do either, as having to waste turns healing the silence status means consuming turns I could have used to heal or attack.

3) As you've discovered by now, those crystals love fire attacks. Equip everyone with fire resistance, and half of the difficulty of the fight is instantly gone.

4) The bird form is blinding fast, so don't try to rely on Cancels too much. It isn't as deadly as the other one, though. Don't let characters get bunched up together, or the boss is gonna have a field day slowing down everyone's actions, and possibly Canceling you too - 'Ripper' is a line attack that cancels, don't let your healer get hit by it when he/she is preparing healing magic, or you may be toast.

5) If all else fails, resort to the mega cheesy Yoat's Orb - it basically means it's impossible to get a Game Over while it lasts, so just mindlessly attack away.
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