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User Info: Nazgulbr

8 years ago#1
Hmm i sawn a video and i was like, is this really good? What do you guys think? Its better than Breath of fire dragon quarter, or final fantasy?
I just cant think in nothing to put here -.-'

User Info: viperdragon

8 years ago#2
this game is rather easy, but still a ok game to play battles are fun i think, but the story not so good

Breath of fire dragon quarter, from what my friend said, good but you only get limited amount of game save.....big no no for a rpg i think

final fantasy? if your talking about FF12, great game, battles can be easy or hard if you pick on the wrong monster to attack.....(the T-Rex near the beggining of the first town lol)
also i just have to say, best battle in FF12 was with gilamesh :P

User Info: cheatermaster

8 years ago#3
Well, people have issues with the story and the characters but they did love the battle system. Overall, I'd say it's a good game.

User Info: skinwalker_jax

8 years ago#4
I really enjoy G3. I haven't played any of the previous titles and to be honest, I don't pay any attention to the story. I just skip it. I love the battle system and so far, after every cutscene someone in the party tells you where you need to head next, so the scenes aren't necessary. I usually play with the sound off while watching TV or a movie on the other set.
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