where can i get absolute zero,galactic bang and heaven's gate

#1ChumpoyPosted 5/25/2008 11:52:54 PM
I can't defeat the boss in melc ruins because my magics are very weak,so i went in baccula and mendi city to find absolute zero, galactic bang and heaven's gate but i failed. I cannot find those magic. then i realized i did not check the magic shop in verse realm. so my questions are: where can i buy those powerful magic and can i comeback to verse realm??
#2shivaPosted 5/26/2008 6:04:10 AM
You can't go back to the Verse Realm.

To acquire Galactic Bang and Absolute Zero, you will need to tinker around with Egg Fusion. Go to the magic shop in Baccula, fuse eggs that result in the ones with the desired spells, and then Extract those spells from the eggs. Now, I doubt "not doing enough damage" is the only reason why people have trouble with that boss, and thus highly doubt you will beat it just because you can give greater damage. You need to apply strategy. Check out the other topic about this boss for tips on how to beat it.

Heaven's Gate is storyline gotten, and only later on. You can't access it for this fight, and in the case you've seen it in a YT video or something, that person would be using cheat codes to access it this early on.

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#3Chumpoy(Topic Creator)Posted 5/26/2008 9:48:05 PM
what type of egg does have that power? thanks for the info pal ^^
#4shivaPosted 5/27/2008 1:12:09 AM
Ok, I fired up my copy, and I'm feeling like fighting the Melc Ruins boss one more time xD

Anyway, Cluster Egg allows you to extract Galactic Bang, while Fenrir Egg allows you to extract Absolute Zero. Ether egg allows you to extract both of these spells, but I wouldn't waste an Ether egg on extractions, and you'll see why when you fuse your first one.

As to which combinations grant you these two eggs, it's just a matter of messing around with the egg fusion, as there are lots of combinations that result in these eggs. You can see, before hand, which egg is gonna result from the fusion of both eggs you select, so there's no trial and error. I recommend saving before messing with this, so you can load your last save in case you don't like the results of the experience so far. You'll probably have to do one or two fusions, and use the results of those fusions to mix and get these eggs. They're golden colored on the list. It's just a matter of trying it. As long as you save before hand, you have nothing to lose anyway.

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#5McDohl23Posted 5/31/2008 11:03:10 AM
ahmm i think d best is to cr8 a ether egg and convert it to magic it has all the best magic you need
#6WeaponexpertPosted 6/1/2008 8:41:45 PM
To get this clear get Ether eggs since they include GB,A0 and AZ.HG comes at only 1 piece later in the story.
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