How to kill Lucky Minks?

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6 years ago#1
How are you supposed to kill them? I've played Grandia Extreme, and can kill them on there with the help of a skill that keeps them from running. But how am I supposed to kill them in this game? They add like 3 friends, I get one about half dead, than the run away every time. Any tips?
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6 years ago#2
Unama's Orb is the key to quickly dispatching them. It's not needed necessarily to defeat them, but it's one of the least complicated ways. It stops time for the enemies, hopefully giving you enough time to spam your strongest spells and attacks before the effect wears off.
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6 years ago#3
don't bother to kill them :P
6 years ago#4
1. DO kill them, they are basically the only way to get level 99.

2. Powerful attacks do not matter on them, MULTI-HIT spells do.
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6 years ago#5
I understand killing them is a great source of exp, and multihit anything is good against them cause the most you do is 1 at a time, but why would I want to sit there and kill them to get to 99? I'm only level 55 or so and already beat the game and have all the gear I would ever need.

I could see if they had some side dungeons or quests, but there's no reason I could think of to go back and level to 99.
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6 years ago#6

Also, a level 99 Yuki fully decked out can beat the last boss, with nothing more than flash + combo attacks.

Throw in The Gambler for more fun.

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6 years ago#7
Things that do many hits like Galactic Bang,Heaven's Gate,Astraea Zap,Burnblaze and Crackle.Just take a look.
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