My own training tip for this classic game(a lttile spoilers warning)

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The training area is right before you get to herasell. (the place where you go from baccula to enter the verse realm) You need to look for those magic guys with the wierd face/long nose gthat use snooze alot. Fight these guys and the enemies that look life flying undead mummys. They give 1200 or 1243 experience evrey time you beat them. They are way easy to beat even if you are at level 21. You can use them to levl up your experience and special moves. This a lot faster way to gain experience than fighting the desert lord until he becomes weak for you. You just keep entering and exiting herasell and baculla. You need to make sure you enter from both sides. You get more of these enemies coming from Baccula.
Don't forget the funny node guy by himself at the far end of the mountain away from the other good experience guys and close to one of the mosquito enemies. This areas should be your training ground for a long time. Don't enter the verse realm until you have done some good training here.
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I can't remember where I leveled my party, I think it was in the first forest....
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YEP, i agree. This is what I do. there are about 3 places you can enter and leave, about this town. I do those over and over before Verse realm.

going to verse realm with no money, or no stuff, and no levels to back you up can put a crimp on your style.

I think you have to use skills to improve them. so make sure you use and use and use.

I try to fight weak stuff, and then use skills that dont kill stuff, that only buffs and stuff like that. To try to suck out as much exp out of every fight.

Thank you for sharing.
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