This was a good game.

#1rpgczarPosted 12/25/2013 11:33:10 PM
despite the story not being as good as 1 or 2. Great graphics and nice battles.
#2Hito_ShuraPosted 12/29/2013 12:17:13 PM
Yeah.Ang great music too.
#3cyan1001Posted 1/9/2014 4:35:36 PM
yes it is
#4kamui80Posted 1/19/2014 5:59:56 PM
This game was pretty good. I liked the characters/battle system/music, it was all fantastic.
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#5RED_ODAPosted 1/23/2014 8:06:12 PM
The battle system is very polished!
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#6dondavellyPosted 1/28/2014 7:15:50 PM
Don't want to play devil's advocate here, but it would have been better if you could've keep Miranda/Alanso at least.(Like,they could've introduced a "party swap" option at save spheres and whatnot.Im sure this has been a grope on this Gamefaqs board over an over again,still though,sorry, I gotta vent somewhere right?&)

But yeah, all-in-all it was a good/average game. Sans the story/plot holes,obviously.Was it ever stated just HOW Emilious got to "know" Zorn or dat cool looking dude in red/black (Dahna's ol man,i think? If my memory serves me here,there wasn't a whole lotta-well,introduction or explaination as far as how everyone knew each other.Or did I miss something? Any feedback to put some closure on this stuff would be alright.

Alls im sayin is y don't u n I make nice?
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