This game makes me want to break my ******* controller.

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7 years ago#1
That is all.
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7 years ago#2
Care to elaborate?
7 years ago#3
A lot of the story mode matches are frustrating for no reason. It shouldn't take 4+ finishers to take out Chavo. Also, the ending of story mode is a load of crap.
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7 years ago#4
I agree that some of those matches were pretty hard (like the submission match against Kurt Angle. Screw that match), but I actually thought the story mode was ok for what it was. I actually liked the end where you give the you-know-what to you-know-who. I just hated how your guy was chasing after Stacy Keibler all the time.
7 years ago#5
i agree story mode stunk it wasnt fun and often times had the same aggravating stupidity i see on wwe tv today and the credits by gosh youd think stacy was the star of the show.

and the ending stunk
7 years ago#6
I thought the ending was good because it was about showing compassion to your enemy. It's something that almost never comes up on WWE storylines.
7 years ago#7
yes but its who we were showing compassion too and after all the complete BS that preceded it you shouldnt of shown said compassion.

though ill admit most of the pissed off ness comes from the fact its HHH im showing compassion too considering for all intents and purposes while i like his wrestling ability i cant stand the guy for his backstage politics so i dont really think he deserved the compassion. of course if there was a DOR3 that continued the story i think it could of been interesting with anybody else but eh still ticked me off went through a year of BS and only to be nice to mr backstage politic man HHH in the end of it you basically kiss his ass.

sue me i didnt put a spoiler on a 5 year old game of a mostly dead but still breathing board
7 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
7 years ago#9
First, Triple H didn't do any backstage politics in the story. The WWE in Day of Reckoning is a world of kayfabe. There was never a set up in the game where Vince says to your character, "Ok so-and-so, we think you should to to Smackdown for a while, so we wrote up this angle where you get blamed for the title being stolen, then when you get the title back, you donate it to the golden child." The actions of the real Triple H shouldn't color your thoughts on the video game one.

Second, Triple H didn't really cause much of the problems that your character goes through that year. He was out for most of it due to the injury your character gave him.

Third, it wasn't about sucking up. Your character finds the title right before the match and gives it to Ric Flair. Your character had absolutely no intention of keeping it. After Ric comes down to the ring and gives the title back to you, your character decides to give the title to his enemy. Why? Your character didn't want it. Your character didn't need it. He only wanted to live a comfortable life on Smackdown with the WWE Championship that he earned. After that night, your character would never have to deal with Triple H again. Why give it to Triple H? Because your character realized earlier that you both were on the same side all along. You both had to face a trap set by Jericho/Orton/Edge that would result in neither of you getting the championship. Even though Triple H is a backstabbing jerk, at least he wrestled and won his titles instead of hatching stupid plans to steal it.

In the end, guess what? In spite of his past, Triple H doesn't turn on you and shows you some respect. Why? Because you showed him some.

Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of places where the story could have been better. I just don't think the ending is one of them.
7 years ago#10

well yes i know its a kayfabe story with no relation to actual WWE but it is a WWE game and it is a WWE alternate story if you will and with that said giving HHH the belt after you managed to get both just irks me. furthermore it irks me even more its HHH fake alternate story or not i think of the guy i think of backstage politics the two really just go hand and hand.

secondly i didnt like your characters stupid obession with stacy that is probably part of his get rid of the raw belt go live with stacy on smackdown crap. the girl blows you off for a good 2 or 3 months and refuses to trust you after what if i remeber correctly was a year long or more relationship this whole thing bugged me she refused to trust you and yet you spent an insane amount of time trying to prove this point i suppose ya if you were married or engaged but it just didnt fit here.

and in general the story was kind of weak and the ending wasnt really strong you had both belts at the end of wrestlemania by gosh you atta keep both belts i know i would i know any WWE superstar would nobody would do this on tv ever if they had both world titles. and of course once again backstage politics HHH gets one of them out of respect? once again im not sure how many people respect him so i have a hard time beleiving a respect on a fake alternate story

you liked it fine me i dont i found it annoying.

my opinion you get both world titles at the end of wrestlemania only a loser gives up one of them. sure of ton of preceding crap before it but to be honest i dont really remeber how HHH got caught up in it or any of that i havent played it in a good while i sjuppose i could go replay it but dont really need to not like DOR1 i played it countless times to level up stats a little lol. i suppose if i fully remebered why HHH was invovled it might change my mind a little but i dont.

oh and the whole set up was sort of dumb really and how everybody had a beleivable ally but you nothing here made sense. then again as i recall this story was written by WWE creative team so im not shocked. oh and of course nobody ever listened to you and had no actual proof of anything it just didnt work for me. there were too many holes for me to love this story at least DOR1 kept it standard and classic and while cliched wasnt near as badly written.

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