Data loading from fable?

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thus the statement itself is the point
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"it doesnt matter who you are, noone has the right to deem whether they think someone has made a "point" or whether they think they havent."

Actually "other people" are the only ones who can say if someone has made a point or not. To make a point you have to express an opinion or idea that is both valid and justified, and have it recognized and accepted. If it isn't recognized and accepted then a point hasn't been made, you've merely expressed an opinion or idea.

Also, he quite literally asked "have i made my point?", it isn't as though he didn't ask for input on the matter.

"everything has a reason, every statement has a purpose, therefore, they are trying to make a point"

Trying to make a point and making a point... two very different things.

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we can chat about our opinions all night brother, doesnt make a damn bit of difference in the end
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its about as useful as bein in a rocking chair, it'll give u somethin to do to waste time, but ya dont accomplish anything
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Now that Stephy is back from out of town, and have slept off too many parties I can involve myself in the answer to the question I asked!
Weapons and armor from the 1st game are really unnecessary. 500 years later, and after the hero used them, their going to be in bad shape. Not to mention they could be very worthless, or silly in the new day and age.
Historical texts cab be BSed. "What the hero did with the mask was never know..." la de da. The family and houses would more than likely never be mentioned in a book about him anyways. Whisper, Thunder, and the Guild can all be BSed in the same way as the previous example, it's rather pointless. It's been 500 years, it might have gone down through word of mouth and been flipped around, part of the history might be missing. A book on it may have been sitting and rotting in the woods for 500 years with the pages torn out. None of it is really going to affect the game.
And what would the hero's old tattoos, beards, hairstyles, and what not matter? It's 500 years later! This is a brand new man or woman!
So I believe I still do not see a point.
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The point would be just for fun, in game tie ins to the last game well still giving in the new flare. You see when i play a game that suppost to be in the same vain (if not a squeal to the orginal) i kinda feel like i wasted me time with the other one if my accomplishments in that game arent even mentioned in the next game (case in point kingdom hearts 2 and how you couldnt transfer over old keyblades or get all you're old keyblades to dual weild with there new counterparts.) This way at least you can find out alittle bit what happened after "The End" and still get neat little tid bits and side information, maybe even some of you're old equipment that you enjoyed. I'm not saying it has to be a vital life altering part of the game, just things that are little details that basically say "you did this this is what happened." Thats all i am asking about.
What is the point of tetris? Dose it even have an ending, and what happens after you get so far. This is one of the many questions that plague the universe.
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PM has said himself a few times he hates making sequels. That's exactly why Fable 2 is set 500 years in the future. It can have the same game mechanics that way, and be a new game really. It's meant to stand on it's own.
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I undersatnd that part, i am just hopeing for a few things mentioned from you're last game or something. I mean you do all that work, might be nice to brag about it alittle. But yes i know what you mean.
What is the point of tetris? Dose it even have an ending, and what happens after you get so far. This is one of the many questions that plague the universe.