Opening Locked Doors in Houses?

#1Paules54Posted 10/22/2008 3:40:24 AM
Anyone know how to open the locked doors in houses? I've been able to open a couple and some were already open when I went in. There were treasure chests behind some and I'm trying to find 2 silver keys in Bowerstone Market, I have a feeling they are behind these doors...
#2Sheik2021Posted 10/22/2008 4:19:25 AM
You have the option of breaking down doors, but I believe that's considered illegal and you could get fined by a guard I guess.
#3Paules54(Topic Creator)Posted 10/22/2008 5:04:23 AM
Not the door to enter the house, some have another one on the inside that you can knock on but you cant open it. They lead to a a small area behind the house. Maybe you need to buy the house for it to open.
#4beamersaucePosted 10/23/2008 6:15:26 PM
Nope ive tried owning the house, doesnt work, ive tried owning all the houses around it, - doesnt work, the only thing i can figure is that later in the game something may happen with the story that will open it
#5IasthaaiPosted 10/25/2008 4:45:51 PM
I'm wondering about this as well. I purchased the "House of Hard Knocks" in old town Bowerstone and it has one of these doors in it. When I go up to it, it glows purple and has the "A" button pop up...but I can't even knock. Is this just another one of the infamous glitches where the door isn't supposed to open ever, but they didn't test it well enough to take the option to open/knock on it off?

Also breaking it down doesn't work either.
#6_Bigdub_Posted 10/25/2008 4:47:31 PM
there is most likely a dive point in that area that leads to it. At least that is what it is in bowerstone market area.
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