Is there a clothing/armor shop in Oakfield?

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8 years ago#1
I am still wearing my default clothes from the start of the game. Where can I upgrade them?

Thanks in advance.
8 years ago#2
Ya down the road by the inn, they are in vender stalls
8 years ago#3
what is the inn by? I only see food vendors.
8 years ago#4
anyone else?
8 years ago#5
wow, fast board. Bump
8 years ago#6
ummmmm i believe the general merchant sells clothing though if its the place i think it is its all the monk stuff and the scouts hood (which looks really cool) if not then idk but i tried :P
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8 years ago#7
The closest building to the clothing stall is the tavern and there is a weapons stall right by it. I think the stall has regular items in with it. However if you wanna go back to the Market (I can't remember the name of the town.) There are two clothing stores in that town, one is next door to blacksmith and across from the hair stylist shop, that one is a female character clothing shop I think. And the other is down the little you have to turn down to get to the lower part of town, that's the male clothing shop. That one is on the left side. The best thing to look for is a sign with a needle and thread.
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8 years ago#8
You can find a ranger outfit along the roads off of a trader. Looks pretty good once combined with a nice little suit from Bowerstone and Explorer Boots along with your original gloves
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  3. Is there a clothing/armor shop in Oakfield?

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