SPOILERS: Belle's Artifact Locations

#1nill31Posted 10/24/2008 2:13:50 PM
1. Bowerstone Old Town
2. Rookridge
3. Bowerstone Cemetery

After the Spire:
4. Oakfield (near the temple of light)
5. Bower Lake (in the gypsy camp)
6. Brightwood (south of the tower, by the pond)
7. Bandit Coast
8. Westcliff
9. Gemstone Grotto

After Lucien (Can be done without the dog)
10. Wraithmarsh
11. Bloodstone
12. Guild Cave
13. Reaver's Rear Passage
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Thank you so much, I had trouble even with the second lol
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Thank you so much for this man! I owe you one!
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Belle's Artifacts? What are those?
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A quest in fairfax garden.

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Damn another bump already...Please everyone sticky these faqs so people dont spam "Where is this" lol
I know it is Pea_Tear_Griffin
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Cool thanks... If I skip it all, can I do all of them after Lucian, or do I have to do the three, then the spire, then all those, then lucian, then the last?
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Do you unlock a weapon or is there only renown as the reward for completion