Temple of light quest still saying I have to donate

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8 years ago#1
I donated 20k at noon and they gave me the legendary cleaver but it still has the quest under my quest section. Is it glitched or do I have to do something else?
8 years ago#2
8 years ago#3
Bump again, why is this board so busy :(
8 years ago#4
Taken from Lion head board
"Okay I was only able to try this once since I saved afterwards so I will need others to confirm it. This also means that I have no idea which of the following steps are important. However, doing this reversed the effects of the quest that ages your character. I did this after competing the main quest if that makes any difference

Here is what I did:

-I first made a small donation of about 1000 gold to the temple of light around 9am in the morning. This updated the quest telling me to make a large donation to become the harvest benefactor.

-I waited till just after 12:00pm and then donated around 25,000 gold to the temple and recieved a weapon from the temple.

-I waited a few seconds after receiving the weapon and then made a donation of about 50,000 gold to the temple. Note that my character still looked old at this point.

-Finally I fast travelled to Bloodstone at which point my character now looked young again.

If anyone else has an aged character and can try this method post here and tell us if it works for you. After that we can try variations of this to find the exact requirments necessary to reduce your age."
8 years ago#5
this theory works, i completed the game, so i assume i had max age 50, i did exactly what you said though, I did not experiement with the method, all my wrinkles on my neck and around the face are gone, i look like mid twenties age, thanks for the info.
8 years ago#6
What does that have to do with anything I said, all I'm wondering is how I complete the quest since I already donated and got the legendary weapon yet it still says I have to donate a large sum at noon.
8 years ago#7
Neat, just tried, didnt mess with the formula except i hadnt finished the game yet i am just before returning to reaver after that whole seal mess. but i have a holy/pure character and did exactly as described, it works, you dont have to have finished the game either! thanks for the tip :P
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