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6 years ago#1

Who would you say is the best person to marry, not counting unique characters like alex or lady grey

6 years ago#2
The rich chicks around Fairfax Gardens with the really white makeup are pretty good.

I have Jessica the Aristocrat, with attributes "Rich, Serious, Demanding, Straight, Flirt", and she's the first wife that I haven't decided to lead into a pack of Balverines or Bandits. She always has a nice gift for me (sometimes two or three per visit, even), she never refuses repeated sex, and the love slider has never moved backwards, even when I'm away for weeks at a time. For a 'demanding' person, she sure doesn't demand much. With four kids, she wants an upkeep of 120 per-day, but that's no issue to me, and she's 'very happy' with 150.

The main downside is that she is 'unhappy' with Serenity Farm even after decking it out in the best furniture, but she doesn't really seem to care, since the relationship and upkeep are good. Oh, and she doesn't think my fart jokes are funny at all. Sockpuppet still works though.

It's gonna be a shame when Lucien offs her and my kids.
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6 years ago#3
how did you get 4 kids on one wife?

most I can ever get is 2 per wife (i have 5 so hero has 10 kids)
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6 years ago#4
It seems to get harder after each new kid... the first little guy (Stovewipe) popped out after the first try, my first daughter (Cucumberette) took a couple tries, and the next two (Stovewipe II and Cucumberette II) took freaking forever.

I hear you can have like 7 or 10 kids per wife though, so I'm still trying. ;-P
(Also, kneel in awe of my impressive child-naming creativity!)
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6 years ago#5
sob man 4 kids ive had sex with my wife 25 times in a row and only got one kid do i have to beat the game before i can get more kids and i was just thinking of making a post like this

but i always get the bowerstone jeweler as my wife
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6 years ago#6
The jeweler in my current game is lesbian, so that's no good for my male hero.
You don't need to finish the game, as I've had all four kids since before reaching Bloodstone.
I've also only had marital sex 64 times in total, and that's across 17 wives (16 of which are now dead, for one reason or another), and 8 kids overall. You do seem to have to wait for each one to get out of the crib before you can make another, though.

Maybe it also depends on the size of the house; I've never been able to get more than one kid in the Gypsy caravan you start with. Or maybe your jeweler wife is just infertile.

On a related note, Alex from Til Death Do Us Part is always really ugly and/or irritating every time I play. I assume the character is randomized each time, but every time I get the woman, she does nothing but whine and want sex, and when I get the male version (with me as a female hero), he keeps disappearing and again constantly wants sex. No gifts or anything for me after a hard day of adventuring.

Now I make the miserable idiot kill himself / herself for the ghost lover even as a good character, because I hate him / her so much. Ugh.
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6 years ago#7
man so all i got to do is wait for the little bastard to grow up to get a second kid well that explains it cause i wasn't even to oakfield when i had sex 25 times (needed the achievement) but about the jeweler just kill her that will probably solve the lesbian thing
GT - Aeron Dakari
Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur. - "Today is a good day for someone else to die."
6 years ago#8
"Just kill her, that will probably solve the lesbian thing."

I think I've heard that line of thinking before...

Regardless, I own the jewelry / gift stall, and I don't want to get involved with an employee like that, it's unprofessional for a Hero of my position. Not to mention the fact that I'd have to murder the current employee to make an eligible girl show up. That's not good for business.

I'll just stick with the cute rich girls that shower me in gifts and sex every time I'm around, thanks.

Anyway, yeah, until you go to the Spire and move into late adulthood, you can only have one kid per family. I'm honestly pretty disappointed that you can't impregnate the random people around town. Or get knocked up by some drunk in a tavern, when playing as a woman. That'd be cool.

There could be some guy in Bloodstone who runs a shady abortion clinic, otherwise you have to put the stupid kid up for adoption, or stay at home all the time. And as a guy, you could either have to murder the woman you impregnated, or pay a recurring child-support fee for the rest of the game. Or you could marry some other character and claim it's their kid, leaving them stuck taking care of it while you wander around hitting things with a sword. C'mon, Lionhead, make this game!
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6 years ago#9

Ummm.... I have one child already who is still a baby and when i tell my wife to follow, when I select A when I get to a bed it just says rest for & hours so on so forth.....Does my child have to be grown up maybe?

6 years ago#10
Just using the "Follow" expression won't get them to have sex with you. You either need to wait until they ask for it, or use the "Come Back To My Place" expression.

If you don't already have the above expression, you can get it from the book "Come Hither, Dear", available at the bookstore in Bowerstone or from inside the Oakfield Demon Door.
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