I'm a Legend!

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8 years ago#1
Just like Lara. ;D
8 years ago#2
No one cares. :(
8 years ago#3
I used to be a Legend... but now I am...... ELITE!
8 years ago#4
Legends are cooler!
8 years ago#5
You am legend?
[Browncoat - Cpt]
"We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty." - Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly
8 years ago#6
That's right!

*sets trap for lurkers*
8 years ago#7
Im GOD, beat that
8 years ago#8
You're not God! You're Gamespot!
8 years ago#9
the gamespot GOD. why the hell am i even on this board, i havent played tomb raider for such a loooooooooooong time. Too much time is going to towards DMC4.
8 years ago#10
Tomb Raider is cooler than DMC! Cooler, I tell you!

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