Subtitle Fun in Kazakhstan

#1JoveHackPosted 12/9/2008 11:30:10 AM
Turn on subtitles for the cutscene with the two soldiers in Kazakhstan. It translates the soldiers dialogue into English. Lara's too. The writers have some fun and get a bit rude.

Lara: "Get down!"
Russian soldier: "You are American?"
Lara: "British, and it looks like we share an enemy.

[Bullet breaks a window. They all crouch.]

Lara: "Where's your command center?"

[The soldiers talk in Russian.]

1st Soldier: "Don't tell her."
2nd Soldier: "What is she doing here?"
1st Soldier: "Wait, if she uses the code without the key, the alarm will trigger and Central will send us help!"
2nd: "What are you saying?"
1st: "We're guarding snow and wolf p*** here!" You want to go yourself?"


2nd soldier to Lara, in English: "Through the gate. The code is K1879."

Lara, in Russian: "Thanks. Wish me luck."

See it here, courtesy xthemusic