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StickyThe OFFICIAL "Tech Questions" - "Will My PC Run Half-Life 2: Aftermath" Thread (Sticky)
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Well-Done, John. (Archived)knightmarexx17/20/2014
this wasn't very good (Archived)Bananadine16/30/2013
after the credits. (Archived)Warri0r_Drag0n11/12/2013
Saving Cheats At Default (Archived)tetsuyaguenn18/25/2012
Weird glitch with Alyx (Archived)Cloud_C14/10/2012
new (possibly old) easter egg? (Archived)IMBLOODMAGE226/29/2010
Finish the game firing exactly one bullet. (Archived)iammaxhailme86/22/2010
Missing textures and invisible objects? (Archived)Dick2k26/14/2010
Mod Errors (Archived)Zhong716/4/2010
The one bullet you get to fire needs to be used on a lock. (Archived)iammaxhailme35/26/2010
Achievements are here. (Archived)CapoMafia15/26/2010
Help! encountered a bug! (Archived)vkl8927025/16/2010
Interesting things to know about this game (Archived)TheDarkSpot13/3/2010
Achievements coming to HL2 + ep 1?!?!?!?! (Archived)LaNkYmAtT22/24/2010
This game ****ing sucks in comparison to HL2 (Archived)BonnabinTheDire21/24/2010
Is there a speedrun for this game? (Archived)GameWarrior2216110/17/2009
I have a free copy if somebody wants one. (Archived)capgamer68/13/2009
Can't install HL2 on my new PC....what the?!?!? (Archived)FREE_LOVE74/19/2009
Zeargh! 5 health at the hospital scene! (Archived)wolfenscrew24/15/2009
Chapter 5 Save File (Archived)Grey_Fox724/12/2009
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