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9 years ago#1
Since my other guide reached 500, I revised the guide and now I'm posting it again. Don't post until all 3 pages are up.

I Ė Starting Knights of the Nine
- Talk to someone who works at a chapel in any city. You can also just go directly to the Prophet in Anvil.
- When the Prophet asks you if you are a worthy knight, tell him any answer that is No, and he will give you a map of Wayshrines for each God.
-Use the map to pray at each Wayshrine. I started at the one closest to Anvil, then went north around the IC and south of Bruma. I went along the eastern side of the IC down to Leyawiin and then ended at Kynarethís Wayshrine right before Talosí. This way is easiest because it puts you right near the next place you need to go.

II Ė The Helm of the Divine Crusader
- Find the Ayleid ruin underwater by the long ass bridge.
- [Insert walkthrough here]
- After getting the Helm, you can jump over the fence into the area with Sir Amielís body. Follow the quest marker to leave.

III Ė Priory of the Nine
- When you find the Priory, enter the main building. Immediately go left and look for the big Nine Divines Symbol on the ground. Activate it and stairs will appear. Go down the stairs, through the Knightís Armoury (Itís called something else) and into the Priory Undercroft. Go straight ahead towards the armour on the rack. A ghost will appear and talk to you. After speaking, you will have to fight each a ghost of every Knight of the Nine. These ghosts are extremely easy, so itís nothing to worry about. After the speaking, talk to all the ghosts and eventually you will have a quest for each of the following items:

IV Ė The Boots, Mace, Gauntlets and Shield of the Divine Crusader
-Make Natureís Fury your active quest. Go to the marker on your map. After talking to the elderly woman about a test, go to Trial Grove (again, it is probably a different name). Wait for 3 seconds, and a bear will appear. Let the bear attack you, but donít fight back. If you do, you will fail the test and killing the bear rewards you with 1 infamy point. After the quest update, you can go into Kynarethís Grotto and find the boots (donít worry, nothing will kill you).
-You need the boots to get the Mace. Go to the Leyawiin Chapel. Go into the Undercroft and equip the boots, if you havenít done so already. Activate the tomb of Saint Kaladas at the end and you will be teleported to another place. Go straight towards the mace across the light path. Get the Mace and leave the Undercroft. When you exit the Undercroft, Aurorans will be attacking the Chapel. This is easy since there is an NPC that guards the Chapel and usually the Countessís Bodyguard will be there.
-Go to the Chapel in Chorral. Speak to the Altmer there (Alderun or something). He will tell you about a Redguard named Kellon (Once again I forget his name) who is a descendant of the Knight who killed the beggar and was cursed. Speak to Kellon in the Chapel Hall, and he will ask you to talk to Alderun again. Talk to him again and he will you that the only way to break the curse is to put the curse upon yourself. Pray at the altar and take the curse (Nothing big, just Damage Fatigue 5 pts). Get the Lay of Hands spell and cast it on Kellon. He flips out and thanks you. Go back to the Chapel and take the Gauntlets by the altar.
9 years ago#2
- Shield:
You should be able to find the fort by yourself. It is located North-north east of Leyawiin. It is populated by conjurers and Daedra.
The first floor of the puzzle filled ruin is rather simple. You should cross two bridges and see a gate on your right. Remember that for later. Continue on until you come to a room with an Adept. Kill him, and use the handle in the center of the room. Go back down the hill and make the first left. Run through the open gate and turn the handle in front of you. Now go back to that gate from earlier. Go across the bridges to a button puzzle. There should be a set of four rows and three columns:
X##<-End Here
X##<- Start Here
The X is where you have to step

You should pass a prisoner on your right. Free him using the handle to the left of his cell and move on. In the next large room, go up the stairs and through the door on your left. Make a left at the intersection. Go up the stairs on your right and activate the handle to the left of the drawbridge. Dart traps start going off, so be quick. Turn the handle at the end of the walkway, pass over the drawbridge and go down the stairs. Now kill any enemies in the room and any that were following you.
After that, stand on the circle with the triangle near the center of the room. You have to turn the statues to face the circle. Now working clockwise (ie left) form the large statue: turn the first two handles once, the third twice and the last one four times. Now go through the door to the left of the circle.
Here is where things get complicated. Follow the path to the last large puzzle room. You have to put the correct items in each chest located around the room. You can pick up one item at a time from the chest at the top of the stairs. Button in front of the chest shows what item goes in what chest, but it will show only one item for each item in your inventory. Follow the items over the chests and put all eight items in their correct chest.
Gem Stone
Skull Chest Helm
Hammer Bone
Book Sword
Go up the steps and take the shield from off the pedestal in the next room. Now go through either door on the left or right, and you will end up at the top of the ruins. Use the lever to drop the draw bridge and exit Fort Bulwark.

V Ė Greaves and Sword
-After getting all the other items, return to the Priory. Upon entering, a Redguard will talk to about his Master and gives you the Greaves. He tells you the Sword is in possession of a Wraith of Sir Berich (I know this is his name) and the Wraith is in Underpall Cave. The Sword was tainted by Berich and must be reconcecrated at the Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinal.
- [insert yet another walkthrough here]
- Go to the Chapel in Cheydinal to find itís under attack (wasnít expecting that, huh?) Kill the three Auroran and reconcecrate the sword. Congratulations, you know have every piece of the Divine Crusaderís equipment.
NOTE: DO NOT equip the Sword before reconcecrating it. You will be cursed will 100% weaknesses to everything, stunted magicka, among other things, making your battle with the Auroran nearly impossible.
9 years ago#3
VI Ė Killing Umaril
After getting the Sword back to its holiness, return to the Priory. Sir Thendret will tell you to go to the Chapel. Inside, the Prophet is giving a speech about Umaril. After his speech, he speaks to you directly. You can the Blessing of Talos, and the Prophet tells you how to defeat Umaril.
After he is done talking, every Knight sprints out the door towards Garlas Malatar (again with the names), where Umaril has taken over. Get atleast 50 strong healing potions and a bunch of soulgems. Head to Garlas when you are ready. When you get there, there will be a couple Knights standing outside. When you get near them the Knights on horseback arrive. They all assemble outside and wait for you to tell them to attack. Once you give the order, they charge towards the ruin. Two Auroran appear and attack, but your Knights should take care of them with ease.
[Insert more walkthrough here]
After you enter the room when the Auroran seem to keep spawning, just run to the top and activate the Orb of Destruction. This kills everything, including your Knights (they come back at the end). Follow the quest arrow into the next area. Run past every Auroran on the way in, those battles are unnecessary. You will eventually find a room where stairs come out of the floor. Go up the stairs, and Umaril will be there. Heís a joke, so hit him a couple times, then when heís dead, grab his sword (not necessary, but its good).
Cast Blessing of Talos when you are ready to fight Umaril again. You will be teleported into the sky above the IC where you talked to the Divine Crusader. Kill him (heís just as easy as the first time). You will then fall. And fall. You keep falling. Eventually, you are teleported to the Priory Undercroft where you are greeted by Sir Amiel. After he talks, leave the undercroft. Thendret comes running in and talks to you. You donít need a guide for the rest.

-Putting your armor on the stand in the Undercroft does level it with you.
-When you break the orb, the game freezes (happened twice, 3rd time was the charm)
- Smith is MIA after Umaril is defeated
- 2 of the knights stand around a table walking back and forth and do not leave that area, not even to sleep or practice

Anyone can add to where I left out a guide, or remind of things I forgot to include
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Is that a joke?
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I still don't understand why they didn't sticky the other one.
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Have you requested a sticky for this one yet?
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Yea, and I deleted the old request
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