Masterpug's Undead Army Guide Version 2 (Includes Perma-Clone and Unique Items)

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7 years ago#1

- To all those familiar with the original sticky, I would highly recommend reading the entire guide over again as opposed to just the new sections – everything has been re-vamped and streamlined, and some of my older tricks have been simplified.

(1) Permanent Clone guide
(1-1) Making a Perma-Clone of your character
(1-2) Making the clone permanent
(1-3) Defeating or controlling your clone
(1-4) Looting your clone
(1-5) Mulitple clones
(1-6) Perma-clone others

(2) ‘Unobtainable’ Items Only Available Through Cloning
(2-1) The Gray Aegis
(2-2) Shimmerstrike
(2-3) The Necromancer’s Amulet
(2-4) The Emperor’s Robes
(2-5) Other items
(2-6) Items still unavailable even with cloning

(3) The Undead Army Guide
(3-1) List of Permanent Bodies
(3-2) Making any named NPC in the game into a Perma-Body
(3-3) Moving your Undead Army
(3-4) The Dress-a-Corpse Trick
(3-5) Turning Bodies into Statues
(3-6) Final Tips for the Undead Army

(4) Other Tips and Tricks
(4-1) Hang-around NPCs
(4-2) Cool weapon enchantments
(4-3) Zombie eyes

This guide is intended for people who have already beaten most of the game’s missions and are looking for something new to do to make the game more interesting the second (or fifth, or eighth) time around. This guide contains, among other things, a huge list of people that are killed in the game, and requires expert knowledge of many of the game’s missions, rare items, and spells. I will not be telling you where to find the Staff of Worms or Skull of Corruption, for instance, so if you don’t know what either of these items do or where to find them, you would be well-served to play the game some more before trying these tricks out.

Use any and all of these tricks at your own risk!! This is Oblivion, after all – sneezing at the wrong moment can cause a game-ending glitch. I have tried all these tricks myself to an incalculable degree and have never encountered a harmful glitch directly associated with them, and I’ve playtested them all so that you can keep from screwing your file, but I’ll say it once more so I don’t have to repeat myself every few paragraphs:

7 years ago#2

Here’s what you need the bulk of these tricks, so I’ll list everything here so you’ll be prepared.

- Skull of Corruption
- Staff of Worms or Risen Flesh
- Ring of Vitality (not essential, but it helps)

Spells (these are all open to change for your personal tastes and/or abilities, but these are what I use for all my tricks. I’ve also given them basic names to save time on my part):
- Disintegrate Weapon for 100 pts on touch – ‘Break’
- Dominate Humanoid of level 25 for (at least) 30 sec on touch – ‘Control’
- Dominate Humanoid of level 25 in 10 ft for (at least) 30 seconds on touch – ‘Range Control.’
- Silence in 15 ft for 30 seconds on target – ‘Silence’
- Invisibility on self for 30 seconds – umm, ‘Invisibility’
- Paralyze for 6 sec on touch, frost damage 80 pts for 6 sec on touch – ‘Super-Freeze’
- Paralyze for 20 sec on Touch – ‘Super Stun’
- Paralyze for 10 sec in 15 ft on target – ‘Super Stun Range’
- Shock Damage 10 pts in 10 ft for 1 sec on target – ‘Corpse Dancer’
- Drain Hand to Hand 100 pt for 15 sec on touch, Fortify Blade/Blunt 100 pt for 15 sec on touch – ‘Pick Up’

Also, being able to get yourself up to 100% chameleon is helpful in any situation, so I would also recommend having the means to do that.

A NOTE ON DOMINATION – when using either Control or Range Control (or whatever Dominate Humanoid spell you wish to use), you might be tricked by the game into thinking that you can only control NPCs up to level 25. However, if your magic effectiveness is at 100% (you have to be wearing no armor, including shields), then you can control NPC’s of any level with a level-25 spell. This also works with any other leveled spell effects (Much thanks to The_Greek_Dude for clearing that up for me!).

Finally, you will need several strong poisons to use against your clone. I imagine the Wiki has a better lists of concoctions, but for the sake of this guide, just gather the ingredients for these two poisons and brew or dupe them like crazy:

‘Freeze’ – Harrada, Frost Salts, Spiddal Stick, Milk Thistle
‘Burn’ – Congealed Putrescence (found in SI), Spiddal Stick, Frost Salts, Vampire Dust

(Note that you need to be at least a journeyman in Alchemy to get the full effects of these poisons.)

Finally, I think it’s fair that I describe how to get Risen Flesh, since it’s an unmarked quest and is relatively unknown. You must go to Shivering Isles and find the skulls of the five ghostly inhabitants of the Hill of Suicides. Here is where you can find them (the skulls are fairly easy to find if you know what chamber they are in):

- Knotty Bramble, Lost Crypts (move the corpse off the altar to find a hidden switch that opens a secret chamber).
- Knifepoint Hollow, Chantry
- Cann, Amphitheater
- Milchar, Xetrem
- Rotten Den, Sanctum

Once you have all five skulls, go back to the Hill of Suicides and talk to each ghost. When the last ghost has taken its skull back, you will get the Risen Flesh greater power. Unless you want to complete the MG before doing any of these tricks, Risen Flesh is essential for some of the earlier tricks, such as getting the Emperor’s Robes.
7 years ago#3


Before you head out to try this, make sure and load up your character with as many items as he or she can carry that you want to have cloned, especially rare weapons and armor that can't be cloned by the arrow or scroll dupe trick (but take care as to what you take, because your clone can use them against you!). Now chose a dungeon that you do not use frequently, one that either contains bandits or marauders. Personally, I choose Capstone Cave, located a brief walk west of Bruma, because it is boring and well suited for this endeavor. Before you enter Capstone Cave, if you do NOT have the ring of vitality or some other method of becoming invulnerable to poison, either drop your poisons on the ground or store them in the barrel next to the door before going inside; this will keep them from appearing in your clone’s inventory. Also make sure to unequip the Ring of Vitality until after you have successfully summoned the clone.
In the case of Capstone Cave, there is usually a bandit and a bandit archer right at the entrance. Kill the archer but leave the regular bandit alive, and without attracting his/her attention (archers tend to have trouble picking up the Skull). In my case, I get myself up to 100% chameleon and hit everyone but my intended patsy with Super-Freeze. Kill every enemy in the area but your patsy, and most importantly be sure to pick up ALL their weapons and store them in a treasure chest.
Now head back to the entrance, where your patsy should be the only one left alive. Drop the Skull of Corruption on the ground near him/her and start a fight. Make sure to drop the Skull before you start the fight, otherwise it won’t register as a possible replacement for your patsy’s weapon when you disarm them. I would advise saving just before you start the fight. Get in a fight with them, and use the spell Break repeatedly until their weapon is broken, or disarm them with a journeyman attack; if you choose to disarm rather than disintegrate, make sure and pick up their weapon as soon as they drop it. If there are no other weapons to choose from in the area, your patsy will pick up the skull and hit you with it, creating your clone.
7 years ago#4

These next few steps must be done before your clone vanishes as per the cloning effect of the Skull (30 seconds). First, go to your menu and equip the Ring of Vitality and your strongest weapon (hopefully you followed my advice and left the ring of vitality off until the clone was summoned - if not, reload your save and try again). The purpose of the ring of vitality is to keep your clone from obliterating you with your own powerful poisons (also, leaving the ring off ensures that your clone does not start off with it equipped, which would be disastrous). Ignore your clone for now and concentrate on killing the patsy. This must be done very quickly, so use Super-Freeze or something else that can kill them in a matter of seconds.
VERY IMPORTANT - Once your patsy is dead, immediately pick up the Skull of Corruption, go to the item menu, and drop it on the ground again. The Skull must stay in the cave if this is to work, and picking it up and dropping it again ensures that it will remain there even if you don't come back for it. Weapons left untouched after they are dropped by a slain enemy have a tendency to disappear when the dungeon respawns, so picking it up and re-dropping it ensures that it won’t disappear.
With that done, dart past your clone and run out of the cave and onto the world map. If you are successful, the clone will follow you out the door after a few seconds.
At this point, the clone is now permanent.
How does this work? I'm no programmer, but I imagine that because the skull stays behind in the dungeon, the spell effect will continue forever until you go back into the cave. If you decide to go back in the cave, the thirty-second timer resumes and your clone disappears, no matter if it is miles away. As I stated before, you cannot re-enter the cave and take back the skull, or else the clone will disappear. But if you followed my instructions to the letter, the skull will stay lying on the floor should you want to ever have it again - you'll just have to give up your clone.
7 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
7 years ago#6

Whether you’re killing your clone for items or just for the sake of facing a truly challenging foe, here’s some tips to save some grief. If you kill your clone outright, you will immediately get kicked out of every guild you are in, because, in effect, you just killed yourself. The answer to that riddle is to kill your clone by using all those wonderful poisons I told you to make. If you didn't already know, killing someone with poison will get you no murder credit and no bounty, since the poison is killing them, not you. Simply lure your clone out into the snow and poison him/her to death. Three or four doses of Burn and Freeze should kill your clone (Burn is more powerful, but Freeze adds paralysis). You can fight them down to their last Hit Point if you want, but just make sure that it's the poison that does them in if you want to stay in your guilds. If your character/clone is a Redguard or other race with poison resistance, you'll need a healthy supply. If you’re playing as an Argonian, you will have to be more creative, possibly by leading your clone to a contingent of town guards and hoping they have the power to take down your clone.

Now, if you are more interested in having a very powerful buddy, hit them with Control as soon as they are summoned. After killing the patsy, re-dropping the skull and leading them out of the cave, fast-travel away to a nearby location (in the case of Capstone Cave, Applewatch works perfectly). Walk back to the cave, and your clone will be waiting for you. If you don’t fast-travel away, there’s a chance your clone will attack you when the spell wears off; by fast-traveling away, you insure that your clone will not be aggressive towards you (it will be visibly annoyed at you due to its bottomed-out disposition, but it won’t attack you). You’ll have to lead it around with Control if you want it to follow you, but this is still one of the best followers you can possibly have in Oblivion.

Bear in mind that your clone will eventually optimize whatever gear it has permanently, so if you want to control what your clone wears, make sure and have nothing but your desired weapons, armor and outfits in your inventory when your clone is summoned. Also make sure and drop all your torches; otherwise your clone will be permanently carrying one.
7 years ago#7

This can be a bit tricky, since the game with not immediately allow you to loot your dead clone. The only way around this that I have found is to save after you kill your clone and either turn off the console and reload that save or load a different save file and then immediately reload the dead-clone file. You'll know it worked if your dead clones eyes are now open instead of closed. Now you can loot your clone! Everything in your inventory, including mission items such as the unenchanted Blade of Woe and the Ring of the Vipereye (or more useless items like the Amber and Madness materials list) are cloned, as well as your money, which effectively doubles your wealth each time you do this (restrictions on cloning items are described in a later section).

If after this you wish to use your clone as an undead minion, you can use the Staff of Worms to lead it around and have it fight for you. The clone counts as a perma-body (likely due to all the cloned mission-items in it’s inventory), and will never disappear so long as you don’t go back for the skull.
7 years ago#8

The rest of the perma-clone section deals with making perma or semi-perma-clones of other NPCs in the game. This first trick has actually been around longer than most of mine, and was discovered by Goldeneye23 – it is a method of making multiple clones from generic NPCs. It was actually the starting point for my perma-clone trick, so huge props to Goldeneye for discovering this.

For starters, here are the limitations to this trick:
First, this trick only works on generic, unnamed NPCs such as ‘bandits’ or ‘conjurers.’ Second, these clones are not permanent in the sense of a regular perma-clone; they will disappear shortly after their original bodies, somewhere in the neighborhood of seven days. However, this seems to be the only method of making multiple clones with the skull. You can use the aforementioned Range Control spell to lead them around and a have a band of tough warriors fight for you. On my last playthrough I took a band of five cloned bandits to the Battle of Bruma and had them fight alongside me when the gates opened – needless to say, they fought better than most of the town soldiers I had spent hours assembling.
First, find a dungeon inhabited by the type of NPC you want to have cloned. Kill everyone in the dungeon and then use the Staff of Worms to lead your intended victim or victims as close as you can to the entrance of the dungeon. While they are reanimated, hit your victim with the Skull to clone them. As soon as the original and the clone start fighting each other, exit the cave and immediately fast-travel to the closest location to the dungeon as possible. Walk back to the dungeon as fast as you can and re-enter. The clone should be standing there, while the original body is dead on the ground. You can do this as many times as you want, using the same corpse or a different corpse, until you have a sizable army of clones. Also, if you put any weapons or armor in the original corpse’s inventory, both the corpse and the clone will have them equipped when you return (more on this in the Dress-a-Corpse section of the Undead Army Guide).
As I said before, these clones will eventually disappear, but like any corpse in the game, they will not disappear even after seven days so long as they stay in the same room or area as you. So if you keep them with you at all times, they will stick around as long as you want. Bear in mind though that they cannot fast-travel with you, no matter how powerful a Command spell you hit them with.
This trick also works with humanoid summon spells, namely dremora and the saints and seducers you can summon after making your way through the SI storyline. Simply summon them instead of reanimating a corpse and do the trick normally. These will also disappear after the usual amount of days, but you can just as easily amass an army of dremora to fight for you (cloning the saint and seducer summons is more limited, since you can only cast their respective spells once a day).
7 years ago#9

You can perma-clone any named NPC in the game just as you can perma-clone yourself, and it’s actually much simpler than cloning yourself, so if you’re in this for cloning non-mission items, this is the way to go (the previously-mentioned cloning of generic NPCs works just as well if you’re simply after cloning items). Simply lead your intended NPC victim (Control if alive, Staff of Worms if dead) to a cave or dungeon. Hit them with the skull to make the clone, then immediately hit them with the Range Control spell so they won’t fight each other. Drop the skull on the ground and exit - just like the self perma-clone, the skull has to remain behind for the clone to be permanent. The clone and the original should follow you outside, and now you can do whatever you want with the clone: kill it for its loot or lead it around as a partner.
This is another great way to have an NPC follow you who won’t get killed so easily. Umbra is the best example of this: whether or not you like her sword, there is no denying that she’s one of the game’s most powerful NPCs. Personally I turned her into a perma-body (more on that in the Undead Army section) so that I could make a clone of her anytime I wanted, dressed her in some heavily-enchanted armor, and put a powerful blade in her hand. I used this trick a couple of times and her corrupted clone will easily help you tear through just about any of the game’s challenges.
Another helpful tip is that if you make a clone of someone with essential status, their clone will retain the essential status as well. So, in essence, you can have an unkillable clone following you around. The possibilities include Modreyn Oreyn, Raminus Polus, and Lucien Lachance (while he’s in Fort Farragut), as well as countless others. You could likely even keep a clone of Martin around if you are so inclined.
7 years ago#10

These are unique items that cannot be obtained normally during the game – they can only be gotten though cloning. Props to DoctorCogburn for testing the bulk of these, especially the Arena Items and the Necromancer’s Amulet, and props to Daedremor for getting the Emperor’s Robes.

Most of these items are obtained through the same method – make a clone via the Skull of whoever is carrying the item, kill the clone or wait for it to die, save the game immediately before it burns up (lining up your crosshairs so you can immediately access its inventory), load a different file, then re-load the original file. Tap the A button rapidly during the loading screen so you can instantly access the clone’s inventory before it disappears.

WARNING – nearly all corrupted clones have one or several ‘Missing Name’ boxes in their inventory (a.k.a the Ponder item). Generally these refer to items that were intended to be removed from the game by the developers but weren’t – you might have come across them before in the regular game (Delphine Jend is in possession of the most infamous one). Whatever you do, DO NOT take these items!!!! They have no benefits, you can’t do anything with them, and dropping them will immediately cause your game to crash. Just leave them alone and they will be removed from the game along with the clone.
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