Recharging Magicka Under the Atronach Sign

#1LordMagusPosted 4/16/2009 6:11:05 PM
In Morrowind, the Atronach sign was great because you could easily recharge by summoning a ghost and punching it until it used some Drain spells on you, which refilled a ton of Magicka. Is there any similar tactic in this game, or do Atronachs basically have to carry around potions/welkynd stones or find Ayleid wells?
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Having active Spell Absorption effects can block the use of a Telekinesis spell. Because spell absorption returns the base cost of a spell, absorbing a Telekinesis spell at Mysticism levels above 33 will actually cause an increase in Magicka. Absorbing at 100 Mysticism returns 5 times the nominal cost, so this is an effective way for Atronach-birthsign characters to regain Magicka.
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Hmm, that might do. Thank you.
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Not sure if it's still present, but I remember reading that atronoch characters could stand infront of the people casting in mage related buildings(guild/university).
Refering to the people who send random spells towards metal plates for training.
They apparently don't stop and you'll absorb the magicka while standing in their path.
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Go to the Lucky Lady Statue in Bravil, you can activate it as frequently as you choose, and it casts a spell (fortify Luck 10 points for 720 secs IIRC) which you can absorb.
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The problem with most of these is that they require you to go somewhere specific, which isn't very convenient when out exploring and such.
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Then carry Restore Magicka potions.
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