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6 years ago#1
Please do not post until I'm done posting, thank you

"Please read the sticky before asking questions. It's there for a reason." - bibfortuna25

To quickly find things use Ctrl + F to search for the page number (i.e #1.1-)

Table of contents:
1. General information
#1.1- How to quickly find things
#1.2- Things you absolutely must know
#1.3- UESP?
#1.4- What are the differences differences between the PC/360/PS3 version?
#1.5- What is the difference between T rated/M rated/GotY edition/KotN disc etc.?
#1.6- Should I get the latest patch?
#1.7- When will new DLC be released?
#1.8- Do I have to play TES 1/2/3 to understand the storyline?
#1.9- Should I get this game?
#1.10- what does Clearing the cache do? How do I clear it?
#1.11- I just finished the Tutorial, where should I go now?

2. Very commonly asked questions
#2.1- Where can I find Lockipcks?
#2.2- Where is this 'Unbreakable Lockpick'?
#2.3- How do I dupe?
#2.4- How do I do the CE (Constant Effect) glitch?
#2.5- Where can I safely store my loot?
#2.6- Can I own a house? Where can I buy one?
#2.7- How do I do the Frostcrag Spire Glitch?
#2.8- How do I make Permanent Bound items?
#2.9- Where can I get a Black Soul Gem?
#2.10- My game is starting to lag. How do I fix this?
#2.11- How do I start the Goblin War?

3. Races, Birthsigns, Classes, attributes and leveling
#3.1- Best Race/Birthsign/Class?
#3.2- How does Endurance effect health?
#3.3- What does luck do?
#3.4- How do I level up?
#3.5- Do I need to use Efficient Leveling?
#3.6- The Atronach Birthsign
#3.7- NephilimRising's guide to powerleveling

4. Equipment
#4.1- What is the best weapon/armor?
#4.2- Where can I find (item)?

5. Problematic glitches
#5.1- I hit (glitch), what do I do?
#5.2- I'm trying to cure vampirism, and (glitch). Now what?
#5.3- I can't find Shum gro-Yarug to buy Rosethorn Hall, where is he?
#5.4- Where is Shadowmere?
#5.5- 'Turning a Blind Eye'?
#5.6- The 'Reference bug'
#5.7- The Glitch of Doom

6. Exploitable Glitches and cheap tricks
#6.1- Pre- and Post-patch information
#6.2- Cheap Tricks
#6.3- Glitches that work post-patch

7. Downloadable Content (DLC)
#7.1- How can I use DLC off-line?
#7.2- (Shivering Isles related question)?

8. Shivering Isles (SI) related things
#8.1- I installed SI, but I didn't get the quest about the door, is this a glitch?
#8.2- I'm stuck on (quest), what do I do?
#8.3- I'm looking for (SI item), where can I find it?
#8.4- Can I get a house in SI? If so where? *SPOILER WARNING*
#8.5- Where can I find the Amber/Madness Ore Matrix items?
#8.6- Where are the smiths that can make armor from Madness Ore/Amber?

9. Misc things
#9.1- Entering a room with Invisibility active
#9.2- Finding Master Alchemy equipment
#9.3- Faster spell casting
#9.4- Getting Grand Souls
#9.5- Haggling tips
#9.6- Hatreds Soul and Hatreds Heart
#9.7- How to defeat ghosts
#9.8- Luck Manipulation
#9.9- Jail Trick
#9.10- Mage's Guild plants requirement (when you're expelled)
#9.11- Magic jewellery from the Shivering Isles
#9.12- Recharging magical items
#9.13- 'Repenting' your crimes
#9.14- Restoring lowered attributes
#9.15- Reverse Pickpocketing
#9.16- Uses for the Left Bumper (LB)
#9.17- Weapon Speed (comparing Blade with Blunt weapons)
#9.18- Where to enchant items and make spells
#9.19- Yielding (asking a friend to stop a fight)

10. Maps
#10.1- Map of Cyrodiil by Dacium
#10.2- UESP's interactive map

11. Umbra
#11.1- Where can I find Umbra?
#11.2- How can I defeat Umbra at low levels?
#11.3- How good is the sword Umbra?
#11.4- I beat Umbra and the sword disappeared, what the hell?
6 years ago#2
12. Vampirism
#12.1- How can I become a vampire?
#12.2- I got Porphyric Hemophilia, how do I get rid of it?
#12.3- How much more powerful will I be after becoming a vampire?
#12.4- Is it worth becoming a vampire?
#12.5- Is there a cure for Vampirism? Where can I get it?
#12.6- Who are easy targets for feeding?
#12.7- How do I get (NPC) to talk to me?
#12.8- How do I stop the Sun damage?

1. General information
General things about this topic and Oblivion.

#1.1- How to quickly find things

To quickly find things use Ctrl + F to search the page for the page number.

#1.2- Things you absolutely must know
Keep multiple saves. Many glitches can be fixed by reloading a previous save, so ensure that you save regularly in different slots.

Spells, be it spells you bought or spells you made yourself, cannot be deleted from your spellbook. Keep this in mind when buying and creating new spells. Once you get it you'll have it for the rest of the game.

Understand the Cache and how to clear it. See #1.10- for more information.

#1.3- UESP?

The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages, usually referred to as the UESP, is a popular TES (The Elder Scrolls) wiki.

Warning: There ARE spoilers on UESP's (quest) pages, go to them at own risk

#1.4- What are the differences differences between the PC/360/PS3 version?
The biggest difference is that the PC version can use player-made mods (modifications), neither the PS3 version or the 360 version can (though they can use the official DLC). The differences between the PS3 and 360 version are minor things, in short the PS3 has slightly better graphics and smoother gameplay, though currently no way to get any of the DLC except for KotN and SI (Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles).

#1.5- What is the difference between T rated/M rated/GotY edition/KotN disc etc.?
There is no difference at all between the T and the M rated version of the game. The GotY (Game of the Year) edition of the game comes with the game itself and the 2 biggest DLC included, KotN and SI. The KotN retail disk comes with the KotN DLC and all other DLC except SI and Fighter's Stronghold, the game itself is not included. The SI retail disk comes with just SI, other DLC and the normal game not included.

#1.6- Should I get the latest patch?
YES. Unpatched versions suffer from several game-breaking glitches that can stop entire questlines dead in there tracks. Use a thumbdrive if necessary, but patch the game. No glitches that can't be done post-patch are fixed, so there is no reason not to patch the game. Some DLC also require patches to run as well.

#1.7- When will new DLC be released?
Bethesda has announced that the Fighter's Stronghold is the last DLC. No more DLC will be released.

#1.8- Do I have to play TES 1/2/3 to understand the storyline?
No. You can fully understand the storyline without having played any TES game before.

#1.9- Should I get this game?
Frequently asked question. Oblivion is an extremely open-ended game, and it can last for well over 500 hours. The game does tend to 'hold your hand', so there is little challenge. The difficulty can be adjusted, so it is never too hard to play.

#1.10- what does Clearing the cache do? What is a 'Cache'?
The 'Cache', to keep it simple, is stored game data on the 360's hard drive. In some cases the Cache can suffer from problems creating lag.

To clear it, press and hold the A button on the controller while the game is first loading (up until the "Bethesda Softworks" logo appears). The Cache will be cleared, and any sudden lag should be gone. This is also a popular method to try to fix glitches.

One thing: After clearing the Cache, the initial loading screen will take longer to load
6 years ago#3
#1.11- I just finished the Tutorial, where should I go now?

Anywhere. Play the game, find out what you can and can't do. Don't worry about leveling and leveled quest rewards first time around, just play the game first.

2. Very commonly asked questions
Answers to some commonly asked questions:

#2.1- Where can I find Lockipcks?
Thieves Guild fences sell 100 lockpicks, though they will only sell them to members of the Thieves Guild. People that aren't in the Thieves Guild can buy lockpicks from Shady Sam, he can be found just outside the Imperial City walls, about 100m north of the Chestnut Handy Stables. He will sell 30 lockpicks, among other things.

#2.2- Where is this 'Unbreakable Lockpick'?
This 'Unbreakable Lockpick' is the Skeleton Key. It's the reward for completing Nocturnal's Shrine quest. You have to be at least level 10 or you can't start the quest. The Shrine of Nocturnal is located off the Yellow Road north of Leyawiin, just past Blankenmarch.

#2.3- How do I dupe?
See #6.3 Glitches that work post-patch

#2.4- How do I do the CE (Constant Effect) glitch?
See #6.3 Glitches that work post-patch

#2.5- Where can I store my loot?
You need to store it in a safe container. Only containers in houses you bought are always safe. Containers that you got access to by completing a quest or questline are not guaranteed to be safe. Containers outside and in random houses are never safe.

If you need a place to store your loot but you don't have a house, there are 2 containers that are safe for storage: The Hollowed Out Tree Stump in the Imperial City Market District and the well in the Skingrad Castle.

#2.6- Can I own a house? Where can I buy one?
You can, you can buy one by talking to the Count/Countess of a city. In case of the Imperial City, you need to talk to Vinicia Melissaeia in the Office of Imperial Commerce, Market District.
6 years ago#4
#2.7- How do I do the Frostcrag Spire Glitch?
From UESP:

1. Head to Frostcrag Spire,and clear out all of your stuff from the storage area. Once this is deleted, the items can not be recovered. Create a save while your character is standing in the Living Area of the tower; standing in the section of the Alchemy garden with oblivion plants (bloodgrass, harrada) has been found to be the most reliable location.
2. Delete the plugin file. To do this on Xbox 360, go to the system blade in the dashboard, open the memory menu, then delete or move the Wizard's Tower file (you will be able to download it again for free later).
3. Load up the saved game, ignoring the warning about missing content.
4. You will find yourself in the TesterBrumaHouseMid area. If your original save was in the correct spot, you can skip the following step. Otherwise you will find yourself falling and unable to easily move. You want to move yourself towards the fire that can be seen to the south.
* This step can be tricky. It has been reported that turning towards the fire, drawing a sword, and swinging while trying to move in the direction of the fire will cause you to move towards it.
5. Wait for the game to drop you outside the level (which will teleport you to the house). This house has the same layout as typical Bruma houses, for example Arnora Auria's or Helvius Cecia's house.
6. Head out the door and you will find yourself looking at a circle of houses around one of the Bruma fires. Most of these houses you cannot enter, but there are 3 you can, the one you came through, and the other one labeled the same (except with a trespassing red sign). The third house leads you to an unlit Sigillum Sanguis.
7. Enter the third house. Equip a Torch or cast a Nighteye spell and make your way up to the Sigil Stone. This is the tricky part, to get the Sigil Stone, you must jump out to it and activate it, but be careful, the drop hurts. The recoil and damage from the jump can be avoided if you enter the door right before hitting the ground.
8. When you activate it, you hear the familiar sounds but no animation of activating a Sigil Stone. When it gives you the Sigil Stone, check your inventory, you'll see every type of Sigil Stone available at your level (i.e., a level 17+ character will receive one copy of each transcendent Sigil Stone).
* You will gain one Fame point for each Sigil Stone added to your inventory.
* Repeatedly entering and exiting the house will cause more and more Sigil Stones to be added to your inventory; you are only limited by your carrying capacity.
9. Cast feather spells or potions to be able to move, because you are probably over encumbered.
10. Outside, near the rock and the Bruma Fire, there is an Enchanted Mace, Mace of Doom. It only weighs 5, but carries a huge charge and a devastating fire spell.
6 years ago#5
#2.8- How do I make Permanent Bound items?
From UESP:

-Cast a Bound Armor spell, let the armor get damaged, and then repair it. (If you are expert level in Armorer there is no need to damage the armor; just immediately repair to over 100%.) After repair, the bound items can be removed from your inventory. Drop them on the ground and wait for the spell timer to expire or cast Dispel on yourself. You now have permanent bound items. This works for Bound Weapons as well.

-Runestones will provide you with a bound weapon and a bound piece of armor. Before activating the runestone, cast a Bound Weapon spell and/or cast a Bound Armor spell on yourself (for armor it must be the same type of armor as that provided by the runestone). When you activate the runestone, you will end up with duplicate bound items. Drop the unequipped bound items on the ground and wait for the spell timer to expire, then pick them back up.

-If you know two different Bound Weapon effects, you can make a custom spell that combines the two effects, so that when you cast the spell, you are simultaneously equipped with two different bound weapons. The spell duration can be very short (5 seconds or less). Cast the spell on yourself, at which point the game will try to equip the weapons in alphabetical order; the effect that is second in order will fail. Therefore, the first bound weapon will end up in your hand and the second one will be in your inventory. Before the spell expires, enter your inventory and drop the second weapon. Once the spell expires, pick it back up.

#2.9- Where can I get a Black Soul Gem?
Necromancers carry them at times, though this is quite rare. It is faster to make your own. Do note, you need to use empty grand soul gems, and it doesn't matter if the Soul Trap effect is on touch/target or from a spell/scroll:

From UESP:

1. First, head to one of these locations: Dark Fissure (east from the shrine of Vaermina), Fort Istirus (east of Kvatch), Fort Linchal (northeast of Kvatch), or Wendelbek (at the headwaters of the Panther River). Outside each of these locations, you will find a white altar draped in a red cloth.
2. Wait for the correct day, namely the Shade of the Revenant.
* If there is no light there when you arrive, you can use the wait command to wait 24 hours at a time. Or you can calculate when the next Shade of the Revenant will occur, go complete other quests, then return on the correct date.
* When waiting for the purple light, do not stand directly in front of the altar; back up so you can see the altar and a fair portion of sky. The purple light is very soft by the time it gets to the altar, and if you are standing directly in front of it you may not realize it is shining and wait right past it. Also, doing this at night will help.
3. Once the light is shining on the altar, place one or more Grand Soul Gems in the altar (it's a container like a chest).
4. Cast a Soul Trap spell on the altar. When you open the altar again, one grand soul gem is now an empty black one.
5. Repeat step 4 for as many spare grand soul gems as you have. Only one will be transformed for each Soul Trap spell, but you can cast one spell after another.

#2.10- My game is starting to lag. How do I fix this?
You need to clear your cache. To do so, press and hold the A button on the controller while the game is first loading (up until the "Bethesda Softworks" logo appears).

#2.11- How do I start a Goblin War?
You can't on the console, due to distance restrictions built into the game.
6 years ago#6
3. Races, Birthsigns, Classes, attributes and leveling
"It doesn't matter. Every build can use every skill" - bibfortuna25
What you choose during the tutorial may seem extremely important, it's not. It does effect some things, though only a few make a real difference to the gameplay.

#3.1- Best Race/Birthsign/Class?
In the end it doesn't really make much of a difference, but nevertheless:

#3.2- How does Endurance effect health?
Your base health is twice your Endurance, every time you level up your health goes up by 1/10 of your Endurance stat.

From UESP:

The health gain each time you level is dependent upon the current value of your endurance; this increase is not retroactive. Therefore to get maximum health you need to raise your endurance to 100 as quickly as possible.

#3.3- What does luck do?
Luck 'increases' skills unnoticed, betting on the arena and the chance that striking an opponent with Mehrunes Razor will result in Daedric Banishing. It does not effect loot.

#3.4- How do I level up? And how are the attribute bonuses calculated?
From UESP:

Your character qualifies for an increase in character level after improving any combination of major Skills by a total of 10 points. You need to rest on a bed for the level-up to take effect. How many minor skills you have increased during this time does not influence when you level.

When you level you get to raise the values of three Attributes. The amount you can raise an attribute depends on how many skill points you have gained in skills governed by this attribute (major and minor).

* 0 skill points grants a +1 bonus
* 1-4 skill points grants a +2 bonus
* 5-7 skill points grants a +3 bonus
* 8-9 skill points grants a +4 bonus
* 10 or more skill points grants a +5 bonus

It is never possible to gain more than a +5 attribute bonus when leveling up. Attribute bonuses not used at one level (or surplus points past 10 in the skills governed by an attribute) do not roll over to the next level.

#3.5- Do I need to use Efficient Leveling?
No, not leveling efficiently will not make the game impossibly hard. With the difficulty slider on the lowest setting it is impossible to lose without doing something wrong. For reference: With the difficulty slider on 0% combat is 36 times easier (you do 6 times as much damage, your enemies only 1/6 damage to you)

#3.6- The Atronach Birthsign
The Atronach Birthsign is the only Birthsign that will noticeably alter gameplay. Specifically, Stunted Magicka and the 50% Spell Absorption. Stunted Magicka means you won't regenerate magicka over time, meaning that you don't need to improve Willpower for any reason other then to improve your maximum Fatigue. In order to restore magicka:

Use potions, Welkynd Stones, Ayleid Wells and weapons enchanted with Absorb Magicka. Also get 100% Absorb Magicka ASAP. At high levels of alchemy you can create very powerful potions, search the Skingrad Wilderness for Flax seeds.

First time players should avoid this birthsign.
6 years ago#7
#3.7- NephilimRising's guide to powerleveling
First a tip from Art Of Drowning:

"Pick major skills which can be increased quickly or easily enabling rapid player level growth. This is mainly for those who has encountered a fatal glitch thus has to restart. People who use this form of leveling knows their character will be weaker and how to circumvent it through the use methods to help in battle such as custom enchantments, alchemy, illusion, lowering difficulty etc.
Suggested skills: Alchemy, Illusion, sneak
Skills to avoid: Restoration, destruction, athletics(debatable, levels slowly but you can rubberband.)"

"First of all for you sparkling newbies:

Attributes= Strength, Intelligence, Speed, etcÖ

Skills= Blade, Conjuration, Athletics, etcÖ

To level you must raise any combination of you major skills by 10 points(for example if Blade and Athletics are two of your major skills, you can raise Blade by 7 and Athletics by 3 and be ready to level) Once your major skills have been raised by 10 you will get a notification to meditate on what youíve learned. Sleeping in a bed will bring up the leveling screen. At the leveling screen you get to pick 3 attributes to increase, when you do this the selected attribute increases by 1-5 points. (How many points are available to that attribute is determined by how much you trained any of the 3 skills governed by that attribute before you became ready to level) If you raised Blade by 10 points then your Strength attribute will be ready to raise by 5. If you only increased Blade by 6 points then the Strength skill can only be raised by 3 when you level.(unless of course you also raised your Blunt or Hand to Hand skill by 4)

Now Efficient Leveling:
To get the most out of leveling you have to raise 3 of your Attributes by 5 pts. each time you level. To get those 5 points you must raise any number of Skills governed by that Attribute to at least 10. (raising Blade by 10 will give your Strength a plus 5 next time you level, also raising Blade by 4, Blunt by 3, and Hand to Hand by 3 will work) To make things simple I suggest just raising two Minor Skills by 10 each and then one Major.

ALWAYS REMEMBER to train your Minor Skills before training all your Major Skills or you wonít get the increase until after the next time. (Say your level 2 and you have Restoration as a Major and raised it by 10 before finishing training your Minor Skills, Blunt and Illusion by 10, you sleep and become level 3 but donít get any increases to Strength or Personality. You will get those accumulated increases when you become level 4.

TO MAXIMIZE YOUR HEALTH: Your health is increased by 10% of your Endurance. (so if for example your Endurance is currently 40 your health will raise by 4 the next time you level) It is wise to concentrate on your Endurance and get it to 100 as soon as possible so you will get +10s to your health every level.
6 years ago#8
Raising Skills:

Raising Skills can be obnoxious; here are some tips to ease your leveling:

It is recommended that you have 100% Chameleon when raising most of these skills(especially combat skills) and access to a Spellmaking Altar(for your Magic Skills)

Acrobatics: Actually easier to raise than you think. Go to the Waterfront District, find a house with railing. Jump onto the railing and repeatedly jump into the ceiling.

Alchemy- This is one of the easiest skills to raise. Iím going to recommend UESPís method and say dupe an ass load of Bread Loaves and Corn to create a bunch of Restore Fatigue potions. Then you can always sell all the potionsfor some extra cash.

Alteration- I went to Discount Spells in the IC Market District, purchased the Protect spell and ran around casting it over and over on myself like a ninny. Note: Casting spells and running around the world is a great way to find places like Dungeons and Settlements, if you do this however you will have to accept that your Athletics will go up uncontrollably. If you donít want to raise your Athletics whilst training your Magickal skills it would be wise to stand in one place and cast(while holding the Block button of course, as holding Block whilst casting, makes you cast spells faster)

Armorer- I say to raise your Endurance, focus on Heavy Armour and Block as long as you can. This one is a complete ass to controllably level. If you absolutely must raise it, I suggest doing so whilst raising a Strength skill, Marksman or an Armour skill.

Athletics- Travel to the Imperial City stables, swim around by the bridge until you find a nice pillar that includes a corner, kill all Mudcrabs in the area then swim repeatedly into this corner. I suggest tying something around your control stick(hair tie for my fellow long haired rapscallions) and weighting it down with something heavy, leaving Ďem swimming in the old corner then going outside into the real world for some exercise. Come back and check on your character about every hour(or about 15-45 mins. if your characters Athletics is still low) to see how much progression has been made.

Block- This oneís a snap to raise. Get yourself a nice shield, turn the difficulty all the way down and then travel to the Imperial City Sewers- South East exit. Inside the first zone gather up all the Mudcrabs and Rats that you can and let them rail at you while you hold your shield out and block.

Blunt- Easiest way for me is; get 100% chameleon, turn the difficulty all the way up and go find some dungeon with a lot of big monsters to assail. Donít forget to bring a lot of weapons or a lot of Repair Hammers (I go for Iron War Axes as it takes longer to kill the enemies with them, thus getting you more experience without having to find some more enemies to whack on) Note: I find this method infinitelybetter than using the frozen followers at Peryiteís Shrine as the accumulating assault count can really bug up your save whether or not you plan to get arrested every now and then. Confused? For more info, see Notes section:

Blade- See Blunt. I like using hundreds of Iron Daggers.

Conjuration- Make a Bound Armour(of any kind) spell for 1 sec on self. Cast over and over again. See Alteration for other tips.

Destruction- Purchase the Minor Enervation spell from Druja at the Skingrad Mages Guild Hall. Get to a spellmaking altar and create the lowest level drain fatigue on self spell you can. Cast over and over. Again see Alteration for more.

Hand to Hand- See Blunt. This time you donít have to dupe or repair anything though!

Heavy Armour- Fully don your valiant hero in shining armour, turn the difficulty all the way down and then travel to the Imperial City Sewers- South East exit. Inside the first zone gather up all the Mudcrabs and Rats that you can and let them rail at you. The skill will increase in no time.
6 years ago#9
Illusion- Go to Discount Spells in the Imperial City and buy the Starlight spell. You can make a cheaper version or use Starlight. Cast it a bunch. See Alteration for more details. Note: After casting a light spell a bunch of times upon going to your inventory your character may shine with the light spell even though its not active. To get rid of this glitch, clear your cache.

Marksman- Easiest way for me is; get 100% chameleon, turn the difficulty all the way up and go find some dungeon with a lot of big monsters to assail. Donít forget to bring a lot of bows or a lot of Repair Hammers. Also make sure to acquire or dupe a lot of arrows before hand. This one takes a while.

Mercantile- Dupe and sell items one at a time, it doesnít ever get much better than that. Yawn. There is no fun way, this one you may want to give up on and level during the course of the game.

Mysticism- I like using the Minor Life Detection spell from Discount Spellís in the IC. Cast over and over. See Alteration for more info.

Restoration- I use Fortify Fatigue from Discount Spells for this one. You can always make a lower leveled Fortify Fatigue spell if you have access to a spellmaking altar. You know the drill, cast it over and over again. See Alteration for more info.

Security- Those with the Thieves den get a handy un-opening chest. Those without will do well to find a Very Hard lock and only get the first four tumblers before exiting and repeating the process.

Sneak- Remember Athletics? Use the same tie-that-handy-dandy-stick-all-the way-forward method; except this time use 100% chameleon, and find a well populated place like an inn and let Ďer go exploring the inside (Sneak raises MUCH faster than Athletics thank goodness) Even easier if you have Brother Martin or the Adoring Fan with you, leave them in your house, don 100% chameleon and repeatedly pickpocket them without taking anything. This method is VERY fast, even at high Sneak levels. Usually neither of them will notice you.

Speechcraft- Iíll go with UESPís method and say, keep hitting the small wedge on the persuasion mini-game until youíve trained this skill enough."
6 years ago#10
4. Equipment
No generic equipment have any requirements to use them other than that you need the strength to carry them. Many items are leveled, meaning that if you obtain them at a higher level they will be better. If you obtain a leveled item they will remain at the level you obtained them for the remainder of the game.

#4.1- What is the best weapon/armor?
The best weapon is any self enchanted Daedric weapon with a 'cheap mass-murder' enchantment. More info here:

Best armor depends on your style of play. Mage's should use robes so as not to suffer from the reduced magic effectiveness, fighters should use either light or heavy armor (whichever you prefer). Thieves can use either light armor or no armor, depending on your style of play.

#4.2- Where can I find (item)?, use the search bar if you're having trouble finding it.

5. Quest-related glitches
Oblivion has very few quests that are free of glitches, if you're stuck on a quest due to a glitch look it up on UESP. It lists every glitch related to the quest on the page of the quest in question along with possible fixes.

#5.1.- I hit (glitch), what do I do?
Reload a previous save. If that doesn't work, clear your cache.

#5.2- I'm trying to cure vampirism, and (glitch). Now what?

Note: If you have the Vile Lair DLC, you can cure vampirism without having to do this quest.

#5.3- I can't find Shum gro-Yarug to buy Rosethorn Hall, where is he?
Unfortunately he is bugged, at times he walks off the Skingrad Bridge and dies. If this happens, you can never buy Rosethorn Hall. Only way to fix this is to start a new game or reloading a save before he died.

#5.4- Where is Shadowmere?
If she wanders off, she'll return to Fort Farragut. Be warned that putting armor on her with the Horse Armor DLC will remove her 'essential' flag, meaning that she can be killed like any other horse.

#5.5- 'Turning a Blind Eye'?
If you enter The Temple of The Moth Halls before starting the related quest the quest will start, causing major glitches later. See Turning a Blind Eye's quest page on UESP for details and possible fixes.

#5.6- The 'Reference bug'
The Reference Bug is a bug that caused the game to completely glitch out, eventually corrupting the save file beyond fixing. This bug was fixed by a patch which can be downloaded from Live.

Symptoms: Items disappearing when dropped on the ground, Dumag gro-Bonk and Cutter never making items telling you to "come back at a suitable time", bizarre statistics appearing on statistics pages (saying that you owned countess horses).

Results: Varies. Some people will have there character turned into a level 1 Imperial with no skills or anything, some people's save files have become corrupted and no longer loadable.

#5.7- The Glitch of Doom
The 'Glitch of Doom', not to be confused with the Reference Bug, is another game-destroying glitch. No fix is available for the 360 and PS3 version.

Symptoms: None. When you get hit, you got hit. Nothing will indicate whether or not you'll get it. It usually hits after a LONG time of playing one game, 400 to 600 hours. Starting a new game will 'fix' it, but all that does is reset the counter. It won't stop the counter from counting down once more.

Results: Animations will play down at extremely slow speed. Doors will takes minutes to open, spells will take ages to case, and Sigil Stones will take 2 days (real time that is) to disappear.
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