Necromancers Moon????

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5 years ago#1
This is gonna seem like a dumb question, but im doing the Necromancers Moon quest for the mages guild and Im supposed to talk to Bothiel at the Orrery but I cant get into the Orrery and I have waited for days hoping that Bothiel will show up elsewhere but no luck, is there any way to get past this?
Epic Sauce tastes like Epic
5 years ago#2
Erase the Orrery and wait a day.

Re-install the Orrey if you wish.

Will happen every time you finish The Orrery quest and make a new game.
My Dixie Wrecked
5 years ago#3
Thank you so much, I was affraid that i would have to start my game all over.
Epic Sauce tastes like Epic
5 years ago#4
This does not happen all the time. There have been plenty of times when Bothiel is not stuck in the Orrery when I do that quest.

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5 years ago#5
As long as you complete the orrery quest before starting the Necromancer's Moon quest, this glitch won't occur.

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