online play for x-men legends 2

#1blessedjamesPosted 2/29/2008 3:05:04 AM
does anyone play this game on xbox live? i can never find anyone to play with. i got xbox

live four days ago,and i was looking foward to playing this game in particular.

my gamer tag is Lefty Lizard. if you have this game i would like to play online with you.
#2Strider_Hiryu_1Posted 3/17/2008 11:32:35 AM
I'm getting the game next week, so I'll look for you then.

Don't know what I'm going to use as a screen name when I go back online, but I'll let you know when I choose one or I'll just look for yours instead.
#3blessedjames(Topic Creator)Posted 3/20/2008 5:19:33 AM
cool, i will be ready. my fav team is COLLOSSUS(tank), WOLVERINE(damage

dealer),ICEMAN(ranged),and CYCLOPS(support)
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#4wrestlermanPosted 3/21/2008 9:29:55 AM
im in if you guys set up a game
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#5rockmanx5231Posted 3/28/2008 6:14:28 PM
Hey, just add me, my gamer tag is RockmanWorld. I just have one question: I play on one of those CRT TV's, you know, the first Sony flatscreen ones (Wega). I tried to play with a friend, but the game wouldn't let me, since my pal used component cables and I used the regular audio video ones. Have you had this problem?