All new items gone - glitch?

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7 years ago#1
Ran into this in Act 4 at the beginning. No barrels or enemies reveal any items or techbits when smashed. When weapons caches are opened, glowing smoke comes out, but no items. Forge has *nothing* for sale other than potions and the grab bag.

My stash is almost empty, has about 6 items in it, so that isn't the cause. And my guys are only carrying what they are wearing.

Any ideas? I have earlier saves where items still happen, but I hate to lose 3-4 hours of progress, not to mention have no idea if it will pop up again....
7 years ago#2
This is usually caused by failing to pick up a piece of equipment dropped by a boss enemy, you can backtrack and check these areas for something you missed.

If you missed something where the map has reset, you will probably be unable to clear the glitch and you'll have to start a new game.
7 years ago#3
Or load one of your previous saved games and start from there.
7 years ago#4
WOW - I didn't expect much, given how old the game is and how weird the glitch is (I hadn't seen it anywhere else) - but the right explanation, and pronto. In fact, I do recall not picking up whatever the Cuckoos dropped 'cause I thought it sucked....

My thanks, good sir.

(sucks that my last save where items were still spawning was *6* hours ago, but better the end of Stage 3 than starting from scratch)
7 years ago#5
GAHHHH!!!! This glitch will not go away.

I backtracked far enough to where I started getting items again, and all proceeded well for a while - I made sure to pick up EVERY item that was dropped.

Halfway through Act 4, though, about every ten minutes or so, items stop coming. No rhyme or reason I can figure - I haven't missed any items, my cache is *empty,* and I'm not carrying around more than 2-3 items outside of what I'm wearing. It really stinks because leveling alone is not enough motivation to keep playing, I need loot too.

Ye gods, this is the buggiest XBox game I have ever played.
7 years ago#6
Yeah, equipment management is the main negative aspect of this game.

I'll often start a file and use only specific types of equipment, and just sell the rest to boost my tech-bits for whatever purpose I decide to play for that game. Between Blink's portals and the extraction points, whenever my inventory is full and I can't place any more equipment on inactive characters, it's back to Forge/ Beast. Loading time for my PC version is significantly shorter than my PS2 version, so I usually play this on my PC.

This is my favorite game, and I enjoy replaying it by changing the different aspects of who I play, how many I play, what skills I use,and various other strategies.Now, when I played it the first time I didn't care for it, but I stuck with it and I now play it about 75% of my gaming time.

As for your glitch, I can't think of anything else to try to alleviate your problem.

If you start a new game using the saved glitched file, it should clear the glitch, and you should be able to just plow your way through the first 3 acts without much resistance.
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  3. All new items gone - glitch?

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