mosted hated character?

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User Info: ThE-CaJuN

6 years ago#1
who do you hate playing as the most in this game?

User Info: robbobmur

6 years ago#2
Xavier is the least usable controlled character , despite his speed enhancement in his passives .

He's great as an AI controlled character for hitting combos and an XP bump , or as a safety valve with his Resurrection Extreme .

User Info: wrestlerman

6 years ago#3
with the amount of times i played through this game there's nobody i can think of that's so bad that i don't like playing as them for that reason. But scarlet witch is one of the most boring i can think of so i say her
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User Info: Wonko_the_Sane9

6 years ago#4
Toad, hes actually a pretty good character but still its Toad. I mean cum on.

User Info: eriko32

6 years ago#5
Cyclops. "duh look at me duh"

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