rate my team please

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4 years ago#31
oh i get it now thanks Zeku =)
who could dislike this?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ3nmm3Ts6M
4 years ago#32
ALRIGHT......so i've been messing around in this game lately. That's why i haven't been posting and noticed sunfire should be given more credit than really. i mean his radiation damage is top notch there are certain teams however that don't work. with him storm heck no i tried this and it's like getting a lion to eat vegetables.but a team that works for sunfire mainly is this. wolverine, iceman, and magneto sunfire and iceman may not get along with freezing being the last thing you want to do but slow is actually good.plus ice gloves is lol this also helps wolverine where he is just better with bleed damage that NC. wolverines scream to lower enemy defense is pretty good for sunfire. to flame/radiate away not to mention magneto with magnetic grasp you would pull enemies closer. making a support like ion sheild useful if enemies try to flee. there is also more combos but i can't reveal all my secrets try the team out and love it. ALSO ROUGE IS WAY BETTER THAN what you guys give her credit for. c'mon people rouge is no longer really a tank she is semi tank/semi SUPPORT.how? well first yes she is a heavy hitter and i learned how power theft works now you take your opponents ''power'' note that this will not work on robots,sentinels,or perhaaps bosses (haven't tested that yet).after taking the power i noticed power theft glowing and dimming when i was trying to decide which move to use. i was confused i used power theft again but this time rouge didn't. try to steal the enemies power she used it she burst out a sonic shockwave.(that was the power of one of the enemies).i was bedazzled speaking of bedazzle this is what makes rouge a semi support.enemis atk lower and defense. southern shout i looked at it. and saw that it could be broken storms. will of goddess increases max ep by 25% bishops super conducter 25%. southern shout is both of these by 45%. see the logic also reflective aura made me lol all damage back on enemy.
who could dislike this?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ3nmm3Ts6M
4 years ago#33
sw and magnetos attacks that reflect rather pointless.heal is pretty good in game since if you team iis getting radiated.heal removes that and recovers your hp.at only 10% of yours by maxing out critical hit/strike/idk SW makes rouges critical hit chance better. my team for rouge
you may think by having two tanks that its bad WRONG juggs can hold his own thank you veary much. rouge is just a side not just in case the enemie thinks he can out do me with his skills. but once again i did not reveal all the secrets rouges no 10 but a 7.85/10 sounds pretty good.pro wise she is 5.4/10 so stop taking her as a tank from XML1 and start thinking OH shes a supporter.to SEMI though like ju..okay maybe not like juggs =P but she is getting there.
who could dislike this?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ3nmm3Ts6M
4 years ago#34
okay so after all your help I have come down to one logical awesome team.

nuff said this team is pretty fun to play with I mean just look juggs can help with heavy duty stuff like giving better def/atk absorb damage done.SW is the supporter mainly i use for misfortune or amplify luck.
magneto to plus SW misfortune and help my team dodge hazardous atks. with polarized shield and iron man heh he adds to the fun.But i don't abuse motion amplifier instead energy shield. cause of def increase and transforms energy damage into hp.making him and juggs cyttorak transfer a force not to be reckoned with.this team can be used for any purpose.offensive,support like,MAJOR STALL,or even just for lol's you name it.also iron man's concussive overload says EMP damage what exactly is that? i know this isn't the best team but it is the most fun IMO.
who could dislike this?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ3nmm3Ts6M
4 years ago#35
liability isn't sexy faking just isn't sexy gas mileage uh uh not sexy only sexy is sexy.
4 years ago#36
I still say try out the whole Brotherhood team, i.e. replace Iron Man with Toad.
Full-party speed and damage boost is pretty damn sweet and his tongue attacks,
while maybe not as flashy as Iron Man's repertoire, are surprisingly powerful.

Also, once again mod team time, Marvel Universe Edition this time 'round:

Ah, so much more fun without the stupid Rage mechanic.
His foot stomp is a nice radial with additional shock wave damage, I like charge (Bullrush) moves
and if I want some Ultimate Destruction flashbacks, his projectile (large rock) attack does the trick.
Self-boost to grow in size and gain more speed / damage is very cool.

Invisible Woman
Damn, if her hold / crush attack worked like this in the MUA games I seriously missed out, it's way OP.
Levitation for puzzle solving, nice array of further projectile / mid / close range attacks.
(Too bad the (nice if maybe overdone) graphical effects of her powers sometimes get glitchy.)

(Actually had him in the Iron Fist costume a long time since I don't care much for all/mostly-red, lol.)
Another one who I might have undervalued in MUA, his stunning baton throw is really good
and his fan / radial attacks are definitely above decent, as well.
Has two great team boosts, one's a straight-up damage boost while the other is a copy of Toad's (woot).

Ms. Marvel
I loved her in the MUA games and she might be even better in this version.
She's actually quite the Gambit (another favorite) clone. Photon Burst is now pretty much Card Shuffle,
there's no charge time on her radial and fan attacks, (non-glitched) team and self-boosts are same as Gambits'.
But, then she also has (2x) Might and can fly, so ... yeah, eat your heart out, ragin' Cajun.
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4 years ago#37
Ok ill try the entire brotherhood team also how did you know my MUA2 team =O.
liability isn't sexy faking just isn't sexy gas mileage uh uh not sexy only sexy is sexy.

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