Anyone still play?

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User Info: EwokCommanda

6 years ago#1
Looking for some advice on danger room missions. More specifically, when it comes time to doing the character-specific danger room missions, did you do then straight away, for the item equip, or did you wait (to try to get more out of the level up)?
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User Info: robbobmur

6 years ago#2
I still play , it's one of my favorite games . ( PS2 & PC versions )

It depends upon the character , as to which character DR mission I play once I find it .

The biggest reason I play the DR mission is to get the Level -up bonus , so sometimes I have to wait until a character is powerful enough to accomplish their mission and qualify for all 3 awards .

There are only a handful of the character specific unique equipment that are really worth obtaining at the time you acquire the disc .

Now , if you can get a dropped one or one from the grab bag early ( before Act 3 ) they're useful .

But once you pass level 50 , you should a more powerful choice of Rare equipment that will be more beneficial .

Cyclops , Jean , Iceman , Sunfire and Scarlet Witch have the best 5 in my opinion.

Then depending upon how you've built them , Magneto , Colossus , Bishop , Storm and Toad can get a moderate benefit from their equipment .

Wolverine's equipment doesn't deliver the enhancement the description implies or it would rate a little higher .

Nightcrawler , Juggernaut , Gambit have minimal benefit . And Rouge's is just terrible .

Am am I leaving anyone out ?

User Info: EwokCommanda

6 years ago#3
I see...

I was just asking because I remember that I need to beat ALL the danger room stuff in order to unlock Xavier, so I was thinking if it would be better to do it now, or later. It's looking like I might just go and get them out of the way...don't really need the level up (not having any difficulty), but I guess it wouldn't hurt.

ALSO--figured I would post this now. For those of you having trouble with the "power combinations" and what-not, the super-easy way to do it is to use Magneto or Jean, and only have a level 1 Telekinesis or Levitate, and then simple pick up the enemies and throw them at your team mates. Easy way to get the "batter up" combo, which counts. :)
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