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2.602 Patch Error (10242 Error) (Archived)FazbearGamer17/27 5:33AM
Disabled Prefetch and Superfetch, but multiplayer still has bad input lag (Archived)dragon302525/16/2014
Steam version runs perfectly on single, but terrible on multiplayer. (Archived)dragon302571/15/2014
For the people who didn't buy this game on steam or have older copies. (Archived)Strider1850111/30/2013
insert goty disk?? (Archived)Err0r_718111/11/2013
got into the game last month (Archived)darkcresent9146/2/2013
Is there any sort of cheat where I can control all the units? (Archived)NickTheWizard14/4/2013
GOTY won't patch. (Archived)RogueOnyx13/20/2013
Can you play with a controller (Archived)bullsfan8723/18/2013
How do I mod vehicle health/durability? (Archived)Boge13/18/2013
can i play this online without expansions? (Archived)SexPantherPanda22/21/2013
Buy cheap at Humble Bundle for 12 days! (Archived)Dragonas00212/1/2012
I own the retail game but disc 2 isnt working... (Archived)HelpMeImSick210/8/2012
Game Question (Archived)CrazyAxle0238/10/2012
Is there a way to set engineers to auto-repair vehicles? (Archived)chineseboi92538/6/2012
ITT my reviews of 4 COH mods (Archived)sfcalimari77/28/2012
I'll Love This Game...Forever. (Archived)EpicKingdom_17/21/2012
Is there anything at all that i can do to Reduce the lag i get when i play CoH? (Archived)revan29237/5/2012
Brit Strategy (Archived)count_hamstein37/3/2012
Need Help for tactics (Archived)Blakelton36/22/2012
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