Cant play offline???!!!

#1WhitselPosted 4/20/2009 10:34:05 PM

I know you are suppose to disconnect from the net if you want to play COH without going online, but whenever I disconnect my ethernet cord from my PC and startup the game I get the validation BS. I press 'retail store' then put in my disc and click validate, but it then says cannot validate media. I have tried this several times and its still not working.

I also tried blocking the game in firewall, didnt help. Tried a ToV crack(couldnt find a 2.501 vanilla game crack), didnt work. Tried launching by inserting the disc then clicking PLAY and it still did the same BS.

Anyone got any suggestions?

#2ArthasRebornPosted 4/20/2009 10:52:03 PM
Disc validation isn't really BS considering it's a very very simple method to confirm a game is actually in the possession of the user >_> It's just the price you pay for lacking the convenience of online verification.

Either way, it's a very strange problem. Try having your account to sign in automatically if you don't already.
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#3Whitsel(Topic Creator)Posted 4/20/2009 11:01:26 PM

It is set to auto. And I am not saying disc validation is BS... I am saying its BS that it wont recognize a wal-mart-bought disc when its in the tray.

I launch the game WITH the disc in, no net, and hit retail and ok it shows it 'cant validate' immediately. If I leave the disc out, launch the game and hit retail, then insert the disc and hit ok it takes like 15 seconds before it says it cant validate.

It is incredibley frustrating. LOL.

#4ArthasRebornPosted 4/20/2009 11:27:26 PM
Is your drive having problems reading any other discs?
History will be kind to me for I intend to edit it on Wikipedia. - Derek
#5Whitsel(Topic Creator)Posted 4/20/2009 11:30:18 PM

Nope. Never had any read problems of any type.

#6Whitsel(Topic Creator)Posted 4/20/2009 11:31:29 PM


The disc isnt scratched bad either.

#7caacanPosted 5/8/2009 5:51:44 PM
Perhaps this might help. Open and edit the "hosts" file located in: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\

Add the following lines;

to deactive the above code and keep the settings, preceed each line with "#".