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Does this game support 1600 x900? (Archived)foodeater426/20/2012
If someone could help, it'd be nice. (Archived)MiNdWarped6778026/17/2012
Really need help with two things that i need to know about this game :( (Archived)revan29226/14/2012
Using Intel HD Graphics Family to run this game. (Archived)doomsoldier36/11/2012
Invalid CD keys problem, THQ support won't help because I bought it from ebay (Archived)makred7846/2/2012
I've got problems beating Normal and Opponents online got tips? (Archived)Zythus55/31/2012
general tips to keep in mind while playing the campaign mode? (Archived)SomeMacGuy25/21/2012
Play without expansions (Archived)starcraftnewb35/21/2012
Company of Heroes 2 - in development !!! (Archived)
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$1.99 Steam sale...$10 for game and both expansions (Archived)Boricua8235/12/2012
Online community presence? (Archived)waterchan24/9/2012
Decided to do a random automatch (Archived)bikeblaster53/22/2012
Not receiving a win (Archived)bikeblaster42/22/2012
is this like starcraft 2? (Archived)
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British still unbeatable? (Archived)Gr3gSolidus42/13/2012
It's Official. (Archived)EpicKingdom_52/6/2012
How well can I run CoH with these specs? (Archived)AcidSoldner31/30/2012
How many people play this on average each night? (Archived)Garviel_Lokan61/21/2012
*brag post* I beat Kodachrome (Archived)mrCube41/18/2012
COH Beginner Series video commentaries (Archived)Scottie_theNerd (M)51/11/2012
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