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Sticky*** FPR BEGINNER'S FAQ - All questions answered - PIN THIS *** (Sticky)
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Fire Pro Appreciation Topic (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
JoeMoeFoe1311/20 7:25PM
Does this game still have an active community? (Archived)MrScorpionMan410/13 12:02AM
Been trying to perfect the AI for Sabu - a high flying maniac. HELP! (Archived)Ebolatastic310/9 5:25PM
FPR Cyber Saturday 2014 - Vote Now (Archived)Americas Most Wanted110/3 8:11PM
CAWS help (Archived)ashydezzie35/18 3:24AM
Totally lost at trying to perform corner rebound attacks. (Archived)HeroFromKrypton35/17 7:43PM
Impact Wrestling Logo (Archived)Eyekon31315/9 3:16PM
I'm hooked again (Archived)AitchBomb55/7 10:15PM
Ultimate Warrior tribute ring logo. (Archived)Myzery24/21 5:33PM
Anyone interested in making a save? (Archived)Rypt14/20 10:50AM
Masato Masuda, creator of Fire Pro Wrestling, has passed away. (Archived)JiZamez44/19 1:03PM
Submission help (Archived)ManUnderMask24/15 3:36PM
Does Skulltrauma still post here? Looking for an edit template... (Archived)Rypt43/28 11:13PM
Wrestler Data Copy Help (Archived)amensontj23/28 12:51PM
Classic Taker Moveset (Archived)Rypt13/26 4:45PM
Mr. Perfect, Jake the Snake, Big Bossman, and Ted Dibiase (Archived)Rypt23/13 5:32PM
Question about saves. (Archived)HakuMan11138633/7 1:46PM
Can Someone Please Explain How To Use the Coloring Tool? I'm Totally Lost! (Archived)roadwarriorace12/23 11:01PM
Please Help Me With Copying Individual Wrestlers From 1 Memory Card To The Next? (Archived)roadwarriorace12/23 10:57PM
Champion of Champions Tournament (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
suicidal madmaster172/10 7:47PM
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