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Please Help! How do I do a Turnbuckle Powerbomb into the RingPost? (Archived)roadwarriorace27/9/2013
Mexican Peace Crusher? (Archived)roadwarriorace47/9/2013
New Edit Templates and PSN Saves! (Archived)Stuball9527/5/2013
Is Their A Wrestler In Real Life That Uses The Shotgun As His Finisher? (Archived)roadwarriorace37/5/2013
My Questions About Ukemi? (Archived)roadwarriorace37/3/2013
PS2 to PSN converted saves keep getting corrupted (Archived)HARDCOREHAGZ17/3/2013
Please Explain The Difference Between Fight Style & Return Style in FPR? (Archived)roadwarriorace37/1/2013
Is there a website or program that makes random match or ppv cards? (Archived)Alwc3736/30/2013
I Have A Question About The Origins of 2 Wrestling Finishers? (Archived)roadwarriorace36/27/2013
I must be blind. (Archived)sith_acolyte1526/27/2013
Does An "A" Rated Move Do More Damage Than A "B" Rated Move? (Archived)roadwarriorace26/26/2013
Trying to register to FirePro Club (Archived)BdBryant9636/26/2013
Time and question (Archived)99fsu156/23/2013
getting edit pack on the PSN version of game (Archived)patrickprice26/20/2013
Can The Torturerack Critical? (Archived)roadwarriorace36/18/2013
How Do You Do A Turnbuckle Bomb Into The Ring Post? (Archived)roadwarriorace36/18/2013
Does an outside the ring version of a move do more damage? (Archived)roadwarriorace26/17/2013
What Do You Like Don't Like About FPR? (Archived)
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Why Did They Give Dr. Death The Doctor Bomb In The AKI Wrestling Games But....? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Who On FPR's Default Roster Is Hardest To Beat On Level 10? (Archived)roadwarriorace56/15/2013
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