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8 years ago#11
sticky this topic-ky...?

"The only easy day was yesterday." - NAVY Seal motto
8 years ago#12
Really? I was under the impression that the 360 hard drive was harder to remove/ replace yourself compared to the PS3 (based on what people were saying). Thanks. This kinda tips things a bit in my "should I buy a 360 next month" dilemma.
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8 years ago#13
grats on the sticky TC
"The only easy day was yesterday." - NAVY Seal motto
This cracks me up...

After nearly three years, the powers that be here finally think that it may be a good idea to sticky a rrod topic.

What happened? All the old monkeys die or something?

"I feel like I'm just wasting time until I die."
- Artie Lange, 2004
8 years ago#15
When I called, they told me you needed to pay for the box :(
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8 years ago#16
Great topic, TC. I didn't know that Microsoft started shipping out new 360's when you send them in for repair, thanks!
8 years ago#17
Eh, this was much better than all those posts complaining about a RROD sticky. Nice job TC.
I'm feeling it...
8 years ago#18
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to make this complete should include a DRM FAQ since i can imagine thats the next thing they will ask for
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8 years ago#20
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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