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8 years ago#21
Good post, I'm on my third xbox right now
8 years ago#22
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Thank heavens for this topic. Our Xbox 360 apparently got RROD'd. That's what my brother tells me, anyway... it seems normal now but he's positive he saw the three red lights. And I was gonna have a friend over to play Tales of Vesperia tomorrow, too... what perfect timing. :(
8 years ago#24
I can't believe it, the 360 board actually has no RROD topics floating around O_O

Bless you TC...
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8 years ago#25
I applaud you TC. This board has needed one of these (A sticky of RROD) for too long. Now if only everyone that visits the 360 board that has a RRoD would read this....At least this topic creates more ways to call someone an idiot when they make an RROD topic...<_<
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8 years ago#26
I've gotten the rrod twice but I just turned off my Xbox and it worked again.

I guess it's only a matter of time until the inevitable happens...
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8 years ago#27
Thanks hopefully this will end alot of unneeded topics.
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8 years ago#28
... what if somebody wants to know what rrod means? its usually not good to use an acronym for an FAQ, sheet. what does it mean is often one of the questions that is asked about an acronym..
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8 years ago#29
I'm pretty sure that if you have an Xbox you know what RROD stands for.
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