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#471DarkLink_Hyrule(Topic Creator)Posted 1/16/2009 8:15:31 PMmessage detail
deathlok83, Unfortunately yes the RROD is still around, but it is becoming less and less frequent. The newer chipsets have supposedly reduced the occurence to less than 5%.
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#472crunchy57576Posted 1/17/2009 12:35:30 AMmessage detail
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#473kballa5425Posted 1/17/2009 9:53:14 AMmessage detail
So I just had my 3rd 360 red ring. I've had this one since mid 2008. Are they sending out any new and improved 360s that don't red ring? I don't understand how I keep getting ones that bust.
#474muffinman3888Posted 1/17/2009 1:49:47 PMmessage detail
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#475m2o03Posted 1/17/2009 9:06:10 PMmessage detail
I'm just really hoping they'll try harder and learn from this gen when the next round of consoles are released, this RROD problem at it's current rate is ...well - unacceptable, IMO. What is it...Quality control? Bad solder joints? Overheating? *shrugs* It's all got to change next-go-round.
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#476drwillnrowlandsPosted 1/18/2009 1:15:48 PMmessage detail
I've never had RRoD.
I got the E74 error which sucked.
Is RRoD worse?
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#477Big_CalhounPosted 1/18/2009 6:29:58 PMmessage detail
So, question...I sent mine in last week for the 2nd RRoD I've experienced. I'm reading this fact and it mentions you could get a brand new one. I never checked the serial number on my old one to see if I got a new machine after I sent it in the first time. So does Microsoft automatically update the serial number if they send you back a new machine? Now I'm worried that since this is my second time and I could have gotten a new machine the first time, they could refuse to do the repair and just send it back if the serial number is wrong on my account.
#478chidoranPosted 1/19/2009 2:39:17 AMmessage detail
Ok last week a big rain flooded my house and the rest of the neighborhood my folks inside managed to bring the 360 upstairs before it got soaked. By the time the flood subsided I turned it on and lookie here.. RROD! I don't know what the heck happened during that time but does improper handling/carrying of the 360 contribute it?

Its a falcon board btw, and its about 5 months.
#479DarkLink_Hyrule(Topic Creator)Posted 1/19/2009 8:01:44 AMmessage detail
drwillnrowlands, I wouldn't say RROD is worse, both are bad, but at least depending on when you bought your 360 the RROD is repaired free.
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#480zaphron28Posted 1/19/2009 10:26:00 AMmessage detail
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