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Worst game you own

#81HulkxxSMASH(Topic Creator)Posted 7/7/2011 4:45:40 AM
_S0FTButtCheeks posted...
360 - Madden 07
Overall - Shaq Fu

My younger cousin got Shaq Fu for one of his birthdays - I still don't get it.

Being from UK my basketball is sketchy at best, but I know of him... Shaq wasn't known for fighting though was he???
#82canefan31Posted 7/7/2011 5:43:25 AM
Afro Samurai lol
#83joker_cardsPosted 7/7/2011 7:19:33 AM
I'm gonna get flammed for this but it has to be Dragon's Age Origins or Mass Effect. Both are great games but DA's gameplay doesn't interest me and as for Mass Effect, Fallout 3 spoiled me as far as shooting RPGs go. I like mass effect, but it didn't live up to expectations I had for it so it is my least favorite in my collection. DA sort of doesn't count since it is my wife's game.
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