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I have een gaming since SNES but love this gen(xbox 360) the most

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5 years ago#1
I know this is a pointless topic, but I have seen a lot of people who don't enjoy this gen as much as previous ones. I don't know if it is a nostalgia factor that comes into play but I have gone back to previous gen games and very few can hold my attention. I have my SNES at my lake house so I will fire her up from time to time that I am there, and the games that keep my attention for longer than 15 minutes are Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart, and that is it. These games have next to no story and only interest me because of game play. I feel a lot of games from this era are like this.

There are so many great games now a days that I don't see why people like the older gen games more than this gen. What is it that you old school guys love about them? List the game and reason why it is better than the current gen equivalent or any current gen game for that matter so that I can get a better understanding. I lived through the SNES era and have been gaming since, but I feel that this gen is the best.

I am not here to start a huge war, but I want to know what I am missing out on from previous gen's. I can only play a few games from last gen with out getting bored. The games that I can play from last gen or two gens ago are MGS 2 and 3, GTA: SA, FF VII, and Resident Evil 1 through 4. This gen just has so much to offer and it confuses me that people find the SNES/ Genesis era to be the best. I don't get it so I would love for some one to explain why these older gens are so much better. I feel that this gen has evolved all the best games and genres from prior gens and molded them into what we have today...which is some top notch games that you can put lots of hours into.

That's my two cents so take it for what it is and please don't feel the need to be a hater because my opinion is different than yours, and yes, I know this is gamefaqs so that will most likely happen anyways.

If you have read this far than congrats for making it through my awful writing skills and feel free to post your opinion...
"Take these acid rounds, they are good against living things." -Barry from RE
(message deleted)
5 years ago#3
^^how original. now back on topic...
"Take these acid rounds, they are good against living things." -Barry from RE
5 years ago#4
The reason most ppl like the old gen more, is because its the generation of games that get them this so called 'nostalgic' feeling. Its why i love the PSX gen. I have so damn many memories and playing those old games.. makes me feel like back in the day when everything was better *Even though that to is just IMO* ..

This gen.. it has some good games and IMO almost every generation is just about equal.

PSX Had the awesome RE series *1/2/3* and MGS 1 where the best games i ever played..

PS2/xbox had Devil may cry 1 and 3, Ninja gaiden black/resident evil 4 *can't really call this a Biohazard game though*,mgs 2/3

This gen games i love.. MGS4, Ninja gaiden 2 *on 360* and Resident evil 5..thats about it. ..I almost like all generations just as much though, however i still have a preference to the gaming generation PSX mid 90's. Why? It was at the time i had the best time of my life.

Ps, I like your sig,
5 years ago#5
**agrees with topic**

In my opinion the 360 is the culmination and reality of gaming in full bloom .. much like the first cars of Henry Ford versus where we are now..
5 years ago#6
for the record.. last gen I preferred the gen b4 it.. but even a blind man can see how far we've come with the advent of XBLA and the dozen other fixtures of what gaming has become.
5 years ago#7
I love the nostalgia as well and remember certain gaming moments very vividly. I will never forget when the dogs jumped through the windows in RE. WTF was what went through my 4th grade mind. I am able to put this aside and realize that I have had these moments with modern games ALL the time. I am constantly blown away by what happens in games now a days. I am not just talking about graphics either.

I just wish this gen would get more respect with old school gamers. I consider myself old school since I have been in to this hobby since SNES so please don't call me a newb who does not know about the old school stuff....unless you are really old school and start busting out Atari titles as your nostalgic moments.
"Take these acid rounds, they are good against living things." -Barry from RE
5 years ago#8
Can't help but agree. Nostalgia and remembering only the best games that actually stand out are the reason people prefer past gens. The average game back then was absolute **** compared to the average game now.

And developers are more accustomed to the basic ins and outs of genres....Making games with much better controls then previous gens, and less annoying gameplay mechanics and sections.
5 years ago#9
TC must have been too young to really appreciate the SNES.
"I only remember those that I talk to often, or that are particularly irritating."
5 years ago#10
I was six. I will admit that I was young but give me some examples of games that would have been more enjoyable if I was older?
"Take these acid rounds, they are good against living things." -Barry from RE
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