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Do ya think it would be possible to put DX11 into the next Microsoft Console?

#21boolzeroPosted 7/7/2011 5:53:18 PM
Supernautus posted...
the use of a dx12 (which is unlikely to be released) may not be impossible, given we still don't have any firm date on the next gen, but it's at least 2 years away.

I think it is pretty much a given if you look at the history. DX10 came out about a year after the 360 so it was already heavily in development during and yet the didn't use it. With DX12 (like you said we don't know how soon or how late it would be out) they would not probably use it either with a new console due in part to having to have dev kits in the hands of developers and a fully working representation of DX12 ready and released to the masses before the next console comes out. Quite simply even if DX released next year, it would be too soon to use in a console as it wouldn't have enough time in developers hands and out on the market (well released anyway) then say DX11 which developers are just now really getting a good use and understanding of and has not been implemented in consoles.

The thing with developer libraries is that no developer likes to use fresh on release libraries because you only have one source to go to if you have problems, questions and such and unfortunately that costs money to get technical help from MS. Developers would rather go with DX11 which hasn't been used on consoles yet, has shown great results on PC, can do some incredible things while mitigating resource usage, and otherwise has a good amount of technical knowledge and support out there with it's community.
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