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Rank the Halo series based on the campaign!

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5 years ago#1
For me it'd go

Halo 3
Halo: Reach
Halo: ODST
Halo 2
Halo Wars
5 years ago#2
Is that best to worst, or vice versa?


5) Halo 2
4) Halo CE
3) Halo 3
2) Halo ODST
1) Halo Reach
5 years ago#3
2 > 1 > Reach > 3 > ODST

All were enjoyable though. In terms of multi

2 > 3 > 1 > Reach

Reach's multi sucked horribly.
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5 years ago#4
i'd say 3 was the worst. the game was good up until those last flood levels. the height of tedium.

next would be 2 honestly just because its been years since i played it and i really dont remember much. i do remember liking it though lol.

3rd would be ODST. it was fun but exploring the city kinda killed its momentum.

i'd put reach next. very epic campaign.

1st has to be halo ce. landing on halo for the first time is the equivelant to your arrival on rapture in bioshock. replaying it even today gives me that same feeling.

so worst to best:

halo 3
halo 2
halo c.e.
5 years ago#5
Based on Campaign...
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5 years ago#6
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5 years ago#7
1 > Reach > ODST > 3 >>> 2

I seem to have enjoyed ODST far more than most people but thought the missions were great, it was just the trudging around between levels that turned into a bit of a grind. I liked the start and end of 3 but was disappointed that it didn't have the (illusion) of the same scale battles as the original.
5 years ago#8
Halo CE: 7/10
Halo 3: 5/10
Halo Reach: 5/10
Halo ODST: 5/10
Halo 2: 2/10

Haven't played Halo Wars
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5 years ago#9
otisanime posted...
Halo CE: 7/10
Halo 3: 5/10
Halo Reach: 5/10
Halo ODST: 5/10
Halo 2: 2/10

Haven't played Halo Wars

Wonder why you would even continue to play them if everything after Halo CE was 5/10...

Anyways:Halo 2>Halo Reach >Halo CE> Halo ODST > Halo 3.

I loved Halo CE and Halo 2's campaigns when they were released but having just beat Halo CE recently, the level design is pretty bad. It's easy to get lost and they reuse areas way too much. I never understood the hate for Halo 2's campaign and I'm replaying it right now and think it still holds up. I would love a remake with the Reach engine. Halo Reach was a damn good game and although the multiplayer didn't last me, I thought the campaign was excellent. I actually though ODST was great too, just short and obviously not ground breaking. It had a dark feel that I liked though. Halo 3 was easily the most disappointing campaign of them all. It was fun on co op, but I didn't care for it playing by myself.
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5 years ago#10
I've gotta think the love for CE's campaign is very much nostalgia. I recently played and beat (for the first time actually!) the game with my brother, and it's certainly not the best. So much repetition in level design it's absurd. Still a masterpiece, but they've only gotten better (well, except Halo 2, but I'm basing that opinion on 5+ year old memories. Maybe I'd warm up to it if I played it today).

And what's the problem with Reach's campaign? I was blown away by it.
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