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Do you care about achievements?

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User Info: Haseo_Hacker

5 years ago#1
I myself unlock as much as I could, but my number one goal when buying a game is enjoying it, understanding the story and completing it. If it is a game I have truly enjoyed I unlock as much achievements as I can. How about you?

User Info: B_D_M

5 years ago#2
I used to play games that had easier Achievements when I was a bit younger just for a bigger GS, but now I just play games that I enjoy. In saying that I'll still try to attain all the Achievements that game has to offer. They add a lot of replayability to a game IMO.
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User Info: Doktor_Wilhelm

5 years ago#3
I like Achievements, they push me to play a game in ways that I may not usually (such as on higher difficulties or via sneaking through a stage instead of just shooting my way through); but I'm not too bothered by gamerscore (aslong as I have a higher gamer score than my friends, I'm happy).
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User Info: Arucard05

5 years ago#4
Love Achievements, don't care too much about Gamerscore. I almost never let getting Achievements ruin the fun for me. For Bioshock 2, I started playing on Hard to get the Achievement, but I just wasn't enjoying it so I turned it down to Normal. With the Orange Box though, I stopped playing Half Life Episode 2 all together because of the Rocket Man Achievement (seriously, I hate that car).

User Info: urnitemare

5 years ago#5
^ Weird. Thats the same reason I stopped playing Episode 2.

On topic: I try to get as many achievements in any game I own but I won't play a game just for achievements.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

5 years ago#6

From: Arucard05 | #004
Love Achievements, don't care too much about Gamerscore.

This. Unfortunately cheevos can ruin the experience for me, I have to get as many as I can, I strive for 100%. And I find I can't invest in any games that don't have them--I can start playing one, but without cheevos I'll lose interest before I'm half done.
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User Info: ElusiveOneX

5 years ago#7
I care none at all about gamerscore but completion percentage is a big deal to me. With that said I don't like picking up games where I know most of the achievements are online and the game is dead. I also refuse to boost with people, I like achievements but it's not that big of a deal.

You know what nags me more than anything? DLC achievements being added to games when I don't have the DLC. I also refuse to buy DLC just to keep my percentage at 100%, I know Microsoft does this intentionally to annoy achievement hunters.

User Info: joker_cards

5 years ago#8
For me achievements add more gameplay time. My first play through on a game i usually just play through to get a feel and learn the world/levels. After that I'll up the difficulty and try an achievement or two. Plus it adds a little competition to myself and my brother. And some games have avatar awards which kinda push me to do certain ones over others. I don't care much for avatars, but if I own a game that has awards I might as well unlock them.
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

5 years ago#9

From: ElusiveOneX | #007
I also refuse to boost with people, I like achievements but it's not that big of a deal.

<3 I hate incomplete games, but if I can't do it legit, I wont do it.
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User Info: billian32185

5 years ago#10
Sometimes it matters if it's a game I really enjoy...but I tried to enhance my score by playing games I didn't like and I was miserable.

It's a nice thing to add replayability...but I guess I'm not hardcore enough to chase my score anymore.
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