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Do you care about achievements?

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User Info: Chewy247

5 years ago#51
B_D_M posted...
I used to play games that had easier Achievements when I was a bit younger just for a bigger GS, but now I just play games that I enjoy. In saying that I'll still try to attain all the Achievements that game has to offer. They add a lot of replayability to a game IMO.

This. Back in highschool I'd rent certain games just for a GS.Now I just complete the games I buy
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User Info: Jeck9593

5 years ago#52
I go for them when i get bored but otherwise i don't care

User Info: slugboss

5 years ago#53
I was hyped for it back in 2006 when I thought they'd score me free dlc or something... Now practically no game is worth playing that long anyway, and simply completing a game is 90% of the fun factor.

User Info: SuperSuikoden

5 years ago#54
Yes, as much as possible but I won't my time on almost impossibles.
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User Info: StormKMD

5 years ago#55
Yes I love them
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