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Really bizarre hardware/internet issue.

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User Info: GuilewasNK

5 years ago#1
My current system is a Pro system that I bought (brand new at the time), to replace my RROD elite system. Never had any problems until last night.

My system is hooked up via HDMI to a Vizio Plasma television (HDMI port 2). Well, I tried turning on the 360 and all I hear is static and I can't see a thing. I thought maybe the cable was bad so I tried the HDMI port 3 and port 1 with different cables which I have hooked up to a PS3 and a VCR/HD combo machine. Neither worked for the 360, but the did for the other machines . By trying other cables that were known to work I came to the conclusion that my HDMI port on my 360 has gone bad.

So I decided to grab my composite cable. I hook it up and it works just fine. However, I notice I cannot connect to Live. I first make sure the Ethernet cables are properly hooked. Check. I then check the power cords to the router and modem. Check. I check to see if I have an working internet connection to my PC and PS3. Check. I follow troubleshooting and turn the router and modem off for 30 seconds then bring them back up. Check. I try connecting and I still get nothing. I turn off the modem, router, and 360 again. I try to connect again and I get nothing. I restore factory default settings for network connections in the 360. Nothing. I then do some more Googling and read info about checking DHCP in my router settings. Everything looks good. I then notice that the IP in the 360 settings is showing a address.

I do more reading on that and find out that that means there is something up with the network.

I'm thinking it is an issue with the ethernet port itself. After I read this I hooked the 360 directly to the modem and I still cannot get a connection. I also tried multiple ethernet cables to rule out an issue with the original cable.

I'm probably just going to buy a slim 360 (250GB) model and a transfer cable, but I was just wondering if anyone ever heard of the HDMI and Ethernet port going out at the same time like that? The only thing I can think of that might have caused this is a lighting storm yesterday. I usually look at forecasts in the morning and if there is even the slightest chance of thunder I unplug my systems and TV. Yes, I have them on a surge protector, but I don't believe in 100% protection from anything. Of course I was in a rush to work and forgot to do so yesterday.
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