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Looking for a good Action RPG =)

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User Info: KentF

5 years ago#11
Get Torchlight on XBLA - it's this week's Deal of the Week, and it's a steal at 800 MSP ($10), considering the amount of action RPG gameplay present in it.

It's more Diablo-like than it is like a Kingdom Hearts or Zelda game, but that's not necessarily a bad thing - download the trial version, and if you like it, you'll definitely like the full game.
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User Info: CyricsServant

5 years ago#12
Since no one has mentioned it yet, I'll through NIER out there.

It's not my favorite but it's pretty good... in a lot of ways it feels like an action-adventure like zelda, but it's a lot less puzzle based.

User Info: Arucard05

5 years ago#13
If you want a game like Zelda, you can't do better than Beyond Good and Evil HD.
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User Info: OgesMC

5 years ago#14
Rise of the Argonauts fits the Zelda type want. If you want to go more Diablo, try Torchlight or Sacred 2. If you want to go more Champions of Norrath/Dark Alliance, try D&D Daggerdale or the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games.

Much to choose from, probably just best to get all of those to be honest.
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User Info: Duwstai

5 years ago#15
Dark Souls when it comes out.

Or Demons Souls now if you have a ps3.
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